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    My little girl was diapered for the first time today, she seems to like it. I sat her in the floor with some toys and let her play, and get used to it. I just put her in bed with her pacifier, and her teddy. She's fast asleep, and I'm excited about her so, I decided to share.

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    Really?! That's great! What was her first reaction? Did you encounter any problems?One thing's for sure; she's lucky to have you! P.S. How did you manage to get her to sleep? I always have such a hard time.

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    How cute and that sounds fantastic, mate. My brother is about to become a father himself in a few weeks time, and I'm needless to say worried about how his first experience with looking after his child will go.

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    No trouble. Her first reaction was a smile. And all I did was feed her after playing with her, lay her down, and give her her pacifier and she was out.

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    good experiances are the root to all hapiness

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    Awww congratulations! That's wonderful.

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