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    Anyone have any experience with them? I bought some drynites off them because they state they use discreet shipping. But that was 8 days ago and I'm still waiting, just wondered how long delivery took for anyone? Was hoping to get them before Christmas.

    They ship from the Netherlands and I'm in the UK, so the distance isn't that far!

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    im pretty european delivery is about 7-10 days i think. i could be wrong but i think thats abouit right

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    Thanks, I know it's not the company, they shipped in less than 24 hours and I was very impressed... I'm just impatient :P

    But as for the Dutch/British post system!

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    being christmas time i would expect some delays in the post, its the busiest time of the year

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    Quote Originally Posted by J3456 View Post
    Thanks, I know it's not the company, they shipped in less than 24 hours and I was very impressed... I'm just impatient :P
    But as for the Dutch/British post system!
    i don't know if it's 'the post', specifically, or just the time of year, but deliveries are currently late all round. i actually went to a local importer/supplier, just this week, on the off-chance that they sold retail..... and they did! Tiny knows the company and the product (they're only a couple of hills away from us. 'hills', that's the standard unit of distance up our end).
    anyway, they said they were having problems with deliveries, due to temporary/new drivers in use by the courier companies. Amazon seem to be having the same problems.

    expect things to get worse before they get better, due to new regulations governing professional driving. we're likely to see an increase in van deliveries (over wagon deliveries), requiring operational changes/shifts within the logistics industry and an influx of new, and a shifing about of, drivers.

    in my opinion though, i think it's a lot of panic over a soon-to-be-abolished change (the government tried a similar thing with FLT drivers, some years ago, and that fell flat on it's face because nobody in government factored in an inability to pay, on the part of FLT drivers).
    of course, the gov' could be being sly, by forcing an increase in the number of vans on the road and then hiking up the road tax for them

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    Royal Mail or courier? A courier shouldn't be taking that long to get from the Netherlands to the UK, I've had US to UK deliveries done in 3 days before. The Royal Mail may take a while if it's Christmas because they'll have a tonne of packages and it'll be a first come, first served sort of thing perhaps. Any tracking information you could use? That'll allow you to see where you package is at the moment.

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