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    hey everyone,

    New to this place, but not the online community. I have been looking for a good board since abdlforums went to the crapper.

    Oh well.. I am a guy from Texas who happens to be in the geosciences field---not a bathroom in sight sometimes! I attended the University of Texas at Austin, quite possibly the most liberal part of Texas.

    I wear disposables mainly(sometimes some old cloth ones too) and classify myself as a DL with a very very slight AB side. My parents know that I wear diapers and could pretty much care less about that fact. In fact they only found out due to an after surgery pain pill "tell all fest"...yeah they were screwing around and asking me weird questions to get a quick laugh. We all kinda have great fun joking about it.

    Anyways my hobbies are bowling, billiards and online gaming....when I have enough time. If you see me at the pool hall stay clear, you might just loose your weeks paycheck!

    if you guys play any online games(FPS) let me know, I'll pm you my username so we can frag each other.

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    Welcome to adisc. Nice to see another friendly face.

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