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    Default Taking the plunge....

    so yeah.. I have bought diapers in a retail store before. Always those crappy depends. So today is the day I place my first online order! w00t!

    I am planning on getting some Dry24/7 brand diapers or some bambino biancos. I go through diapers rather slow(40 since around May) and I figured that a case of 72 from Dry24/7 would last quite a long time. Since they are $75 with free shipping it looks to be a fairly good deal.

    Here is the delimma... Since I go through them slow, would it be a better deal in the long run to go with the Bambino bianco's(same price except only 42pcs)? I mean the reviews for both are really good...and I am looking for something fairly thick. I guess anything would be a gigantic step up from the depends max protection I am used too.

    i'd appreciate the advice.


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    I prefer the bambino's. But that's just me. It's only an opinion of the two, I'm just loyal to brand is all.

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    the better deal would still be the Dry 24/7's and they are pretty much the same in quality I heard. I haven't tried either yet but really 75 great diapers for just over 75 dollars is a no brainier to me at leas comparing 42 diapers to 75 dollars.

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    I think the best thing to do is go to a site, or a few sites and buy some sampels, just try a few of each, makes sure you write down what you like and don't like about a particular diaper.

    And when your done just possibly, you have found the perfect diaper for you, the cost isn't as important to some people, they just want a diaper they feel confident with and enjoy wearing.

    Yes you get a better deal on a whole pile of diapers, but what good is a pile of diapers you don't enjoy.

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    I'd say go for the dry 24/7's. I have a case of them now that I recently got and these are awesome diapers for the price. I wrote a pretty lengthy review about these so I'll take a look at where it is and I'll edit this post with the link to save the trouble.

    The Dry's are absolutely awesome in my opinion and I think they are the best bang for the buck. I doubt the bambino's are all that much more absorbent, I think you really pay for the adult baby thing the bambino's have going on. For me, since I'm almost purely DL, I won't pay the premium price that Bambino's demand, but if you want the more babyish look and are willing to spend the extra money, then the bambino's might be a good bet for you, but I've never tried them, so I really don't think I should make a comment about them.

    Here's the link to my fairly in depth review of Dry 24/7:
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    Unfortauntly for as many kinds of diapers I have tried...I have never tried either of those. Although I have good things from both of them. I would probably just get the Dry 24/7, it is a better deal for your money AND would last you longer.

    Thats is about a wrap! lol

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