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Thread: Your freak-out plans?

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    Exclamation Your freak-out plans?

    Gentlemen (and ladies), I am sure you are all aware that the world might be or might not be ending this week. What are you doing to celebrate/prepare for the possibly coming apocalypse?

    I'll go first. I'm donating a LOAD of time to helping my mom at home (moved into a college dorm).

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    i think this has got something to do with the mayan calender dosent it. the end of the world will be in 2012. i have to say i dont think it will. i think the calender jsut went up to 2012 and they couldent be bothered to write any further into the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennismad View Post
    i think the calender jsut went up to 2012 and they couldent be bothered to write any further into the future
    Theory is they realized they would be gone or changed by that time. If not, they could always of added more on Dec 20th... if they were still around of course.

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    I'm going to celebrate christmas early with some friends. That way I wouldn't miss it even if it's the end of the world :p

    And in the case it's not the end of the world, I will have some quality time with my family on the right date.

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    I like how no one cares that they found a Mayan calender that accounts for a lot more time after December 21st... Everyone just wants to be "lulz teh end of the world!"

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    If we're going to die then booze. booze and more booze. If we're going to survive then booze. booze and more booze.

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    what is the cut off date for it then. as long as i dont miss my birthday i dont really mind. by the way my birthday is on the 20th of december ok. dos that mean ill be able to have my birthday before we all die.

    one more thing if its the end of the world will we also see the four horseman of the apocalpyse ?

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    well, good riddance

    honestly.. if this should be true (and I highly doubt that) - I guess I'll just step outside and watch the spectacle and die... maybe enjoying some rare single malt

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    sounds like great way to out, drunk and no idea of what is really going on. maybe i should do the same. the differance between me and you epo1 is i like jack daniels and besides, i dont really know what single malt is

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    freak-out plans??? you mean celebration plans, right???

    will be drinkin most likely... no surprise there...

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