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Thread: Best bottle for 1st timers

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    Default Best bottle for 1st timers

    I am thinking of getting a bottle to try as I am enjoying my dummy getting my 2nd 1 anytime now as lost the 1st 1 somewhere just wonder what kind should I try 1st. Hiding is not an issue as I live alone.

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    i live on my own too.i have a nuk 5 bottle with cars and volleyballs on it and i love it. its perfect for me. i also have a dummy as well. but i have had to order a new one as the one i have is falling aprt a bit. i tend to chew my dummy when im sleeping. i would probably go into the shop or a shop. have a look around and see if there is one you like. i would suggest one that is reasonalbly priced as you dont want to spend a lot of money on one as you dont know if it is right for you yet. also make sure that you like the look of it and itis the right kind of style and design ok. hope i have helped here at least a bit ok

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    Where can I get them from as live in Australia cheers

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    i would think that a baby store or shop would be best if you live in australia. but you could also trseveral places on the net. one such place is ebay. ebay have a ABDL shop by the name of cuddlz, you could try there otherwise looking on the web for an ABDL SHOP would be best ok

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    Default Best bottle for 1st timers

    I say get a cheap one with a fast flow nipple that way you can see how you like it.

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    I've got a couple of Mickey Mouse one's with medium flow nipples that work for me.

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    I'm in e same boat as you, my fellow Aussie ^^ I've been wanting to get my first bottle for a while, but could never figure out where to get one. I obtained my Nuk 5 pacifier from a seller in Australia through eBay, so maybe you and I could do some searching around there.

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    i have one that i bought from a shop on ebay. from a shop on there called cuddlz. it holds about 250mls. it has pics of cars and balls on it. it is also a nuk 5. it also has a latex teat on it. it is perfect for me. when i bought it to begin with, i tried to see if the default flow rate was ok for me. it wasnt so i made the whole bigger by using a sharp knife. you could alwas get a bottle with a normal flow rate and just increase it by making the whole bigger maybe? you could also try getting one on ebay maybe ? they sell an ok amount of them on ther. i wouldent say that they sell loads but they sell a few differant ones ok. good luck to you.

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    I got one from the dollar store with a medium flow nipple and that worked fine for me. I also got a Nuby non-drip, where the flow depends on the user. I am satisfied with both.

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    I've got some pretty awesome ones with original vintage nuk nipples. I put them up on ebay from time to time. Shoot me a message if you wanna know more.

    If you find that the nipple on the bottle that you've chosen isn't flowing fast enough, I've made up a tutorial on how to poke holes in nipples without completely wrecking them Modifying Baby Bottle Nipples for Adult Use

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