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Thread: How to Identify a Faker

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    Exclamation How to Identify a Faker

    How to Identify a Faker

    Now, there is always drama about fakers, I’m sure they will always be around, as well as those who can sniff them out.

    Things to remember when you suspect a faker:
    - Don’t go over the edge, that makes -you- look bad.
    - Innocent until Proven guilty, that means don’t say right away “FAKERR!”
    - Remember that some stories -can- be true.

    One thing that I have noticed:

    * Fakers are more likely to have an even more outrageous story if they believe that those around them believe it. If you call them out from the beginning, they are more likely to keep their story under wraps, watch what they say ect… If you believe them (Or pretend to believe them) when they say “My mom knows I’m tb/dl” then they will add to that… “Mom bought me diapers,” “Mom diapers me,” “OMG MOMMY BOUGHT ME A CRIB!”

    How to Out a Faker:

    - Ask them something small and insignificant, like “What colour are your eyes?” “What’s your favourite nail polish colour?” “So what colour are your walls?” Ect… something that isn’t huge, but something they can answer. I guarantee if they are a faker, and you ask them the same question 3 days later, they won’t remember their first answer.

    - Now this is for girls that you think are really guys. Ask their bra size. Yep, I said it people, BRA SIZE. How many guys know the correct bra sizes? Or the correct way to say it? I mean c’mon… if there is a “girl” who weighs 90 pounds and has DD boobs, then that’s a definite lie, lol. Also, it is best to ask on messenger. Usually, the guy will try to search for it. I can tell you right now, being a genetic girl, I can tell you in an instant my bra size, I don’t need to google.

    -Encourage them! Like I said before, if they think you believe them, they are more likely to continue with an outrageous story. If they say their mommy diapered them, and you act all excited and jealous, they are more likely to say something else… and go on and on and on until it sounds like a definite fantasy.

    Fakers with Pictures:

    * Fakers usually have pictures, especially if they get right into it. Usually, it’s a skinny, really pretty girl. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t pretty girls who aren’t into abdlism, but there are a few things to be aware of.

    - Some fakers are just plain stupid. If you see a picture that still has a model site copyright stamp in the bottom corner, then duh, that’s a faker.

    - They usually only post one, now it’s hard to out with one picture, but find something small, tiny tiny on the picture, and at a random time ask them about it. Lets say the girl in the picture has a tiny mole under there left eye. Say something like “Man, I have this mole, I hate it, do you have any?”

    - If they use more than one, look for differences. I recently saw a “girl” who had 3 pictures, and in each picture it was a different person! One had a wide nose, One had a bigggg forehead, and one had really squinty eyes. It wasn’t that obvious either, something you wouldn’t have noticed unless you were looking for it.

    - They are pictures you swear you’ve seen before. If you go to myspace, you will see several “girls” with the same picture, ridiculous. So be aware of that.

    - Timestamps, some have time stamps, if the person says “Taken yesterday” and there is a little date in the corner with 2004 on it, get real!

    ** This was written in light of certain events. Now keep in mind, just because a story seems too good to be true, doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Yeah, we may be jealous, and we may think it’s IMPOSSIBLE but that doesn’t give us a right to make others feel unwelcome. We should all be nice to newcomers, we are all here for the same reason right? We just want a place to fit in, with every aspect of ourselves.

    *** This was written from personal experience, and depicts MY views only, not ADISC as a whole, nor any other member. This is purely opinion. Many things also learned from Yawgmoth.

    ****I will post this as a wiki article after I reword and revise a few points!
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    Something you might want to add, if you're confident that you've spotted a faker, instead of publicly causing a proper drama-fest that in the end causes more damage than there was to begin with along with several other polly parrot posts also pointing fingers claiming B.S. rely your suspicions to a moderator / admin by sending a private message or post a quick thread in the request forum then it can be dealt with quietly and swiftly without any catastrophes.

    :edited: No problem.

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    Maybe one thing to clear up here. Monkey said PM or Goto the request forum. I remember Peachy posting that goto the Request forum, not PM and bother someone.

    So to the Mods, what is the official word on 'spotting fakers'. Thanks.

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    That's what I'm thinking. They basically go hand in hand. Do you mind if I work on it tonight or tomorrow, and I will incooperate both into one? I will post in the request forum what i have before I wiki it.

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    You don't need to post it in the requests forum before you wiki it.
    The wiki is meant to be freely editable. By all means do a bunch of work on it in notepad first... but when you're done with that, feel free to post it on the wiki without a thread in the requests forum. Though, I would advise another post in this thread, so that people will know you updated it, and will go check it out

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    lol Okay, I just like to get approval, lol don't ask. :P I will do that then, since I do think it makes a great article put together.

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    lol I'll let you know if I am ever under suspicion for being a faker. :P Besides... I said it basically only works in messenger, for all you know I googled it already and found the right thing to say xD.

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