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Thread: Perhaps we need to order to unite...???

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    Lightbulb Perhaps we need to order to unite...???

    Challenging times...'lines' crossed...friendships and loyalties in question...angst, fear, perhaps prejudices...confusion, turmoil, misconceptions...difficulties in understanding...I said, you said, they said...some digging-in, others bailing-out...some regrouping, others un-grouping...some 'it's just a website, it's not real-life'...others 'it is my life (or a very important part of it), or something more in-between...We came together in some sort of commonality, an individual's stance of this commonality apparently so vastly different from some others...

    What is your purpose here? This place seems to be very many differing things, to different there any wonder, the more impassioned 'bash' away at those with more opposing views?

    Perhaps, and I only suggest for now....perhaps....

    ...we may need to define this, on the individual level, then agreeable division just might be necessary....

    Which party are you to be? 'red', 'white', or 'blue' to speak (not to be interpreted literally with USA politics)...

    Ordinarily I say 'United we stand, divided we fall (fail)...but, with such differing views....perhaps we need to order to unite...???

    What say you??

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    Im to tired to add much or say much on american polotics but honestly i agree to an extent.

    The reason human beings are such a successful species in the first place is because 'Diversity breeds success'

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    Although I have been aware of this site for a long time, I really had no idea how significant it could be in helping me to address my little side, until I took the plunge and entered 'fully'. To say this decision has assisted me is really un understatement, it has actually encouraged me to accept who I am. Endless searches for authoritative articles which may have shed some light on this peculiar need of ours, served mainly to allay any fears that I may have had about being some kind of abomination.(lol, I was never that depressed) However, engaging in conversation here on this site, has felt like a real homecoming for me...even though I am still a Johnny-come-lately. Simply having a thought acknowledged in a thread/post is personally validating and helps me feel more secure in my self.

    I have given some thought to your suggestion of division, and assuming you mean to break into various groups according to our individual desires (AB only) (DL only) etc. I can only think that this would be counterproductive. Not only as many seem to be discovering where they actually fit on the great spectrum, but more so, because with diversity comes deeper and broader insight....which I find very engaging.

    I think I've got the gist of your thread, if not then oops! and apologies.

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    There is no 'wrong' answer here I was angling for what divides in respect to This place seems to be very many differing things, to different there any wonder, the more impassioned 'bash' away at those with more opposing views?

    p.s. I'm not talking about no debates, or 'whining' cause I've had my face slammed into the That's just another day at the office.

    I may be thinking of separating from the extreme 'detractors' as an idea though...those who are so seemingly dead-set, or content in their ways...that they are not interested in doing anything more forward, or progressive...or differently in any way....

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    Interesting you say that, while I have noticed some outspoken individuals with a narrow sense of perspective, I have found the majority of passionate contributors to be broadly supportive. Perhaps it's just my propensity to gloss over narrow opinion. I'm always more drawn to an open mind.

    Love your avatar btw, is by 'Artemesia' (ps got the better of me, had a bit of a squiz I guess it could be Rubens?)

    How would you propose segregating the detractors? surely this could only be done by judiciously banning individuals based on their views, as they could be part of any forum regardless of it's nature.
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