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Thread: Have you ever thought about this?

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    Post Have you ever thought about this?

    That the fact that there is no such thing as "Normal" and that normal is only defined by groups of people who classify them selves as such.

    there is no such thing as a normal person because every person thinks and acts differently, there is not a group of normal perfect people out there, but people still have that fantasy.

    Why i bring this up is i always have idiots telling me to act normal, or be normal, or act civil, because they want me to be just like them, i'm sick of groups of people like that.

    Like people against drugs, people that stop people from taking drugs and such, people that stop a person from doing something that makes them happy, or groups like "anti this" and shit like that, if you ask me that's not being "civil" now is it? it's like a little war that goes on between humans non stop.

    feels good to vent a lil >_<

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    Yeah, that lesson is pretty much standard with all grade 9 english classes up here.

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    Ah, this thread takes me back. I remember it was just a couple of weeks ago I got suspended for carrying around an empty box and wearing make-up.

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    Ahh - 'Normality'. No concept do I dislike more! In fact I try to avoid using that word or any of its cognates. I will usually use average or variations upon that such as modal. For someone to be 'normal' as some people use it is impossible.

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    Being 'normal' is impossible; each individual has differing standards of normality, but practising common courtesy that's expected of you in public as a member of society is possible and I'm quite happy to oblige by them

    People who preach how against normality they are, that faction of people who go out of there way to look or act as stupidly as possible to stick it to 'the man' annoy me more than people who push their ideas of normality onto others. Let's take a minority of furries for example, wearing a tail in school or while getting your groceries doesn't make you more special or unique than anyone else, it makes you look like an idiot. Then they whine and bitch they're being oppressed by the ''normal'' people.

    Why i bring this up is i always have idiots telling me to act normal, or be normal, or act civil, because they want me to be just like them
    Or maybe you're just paranoid. Maybe they're just concerned?
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    Well there is more average. but there definitely isn't normal. I knew this when I was about 6 or 7. That's why I didn't even realize I was gay until I was about 16 or 17 because I didn't place myself into groups of people. The first thing that struck my epiphany for being gay was my ab/dl side when I hit about 16 I realized I belong to this group so maybe I belonged to others. Of course I was always attracted to guys, I just considered it a part of myself rather than a common interest shared by billions of people.

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    Being normal is easy, being someone elses normal is impossible, just be your normal don't worry about other peoples version of normal.

    You can be someone elses version of normal, but then you wouldn't be you.

    I would rather be me, it's worked for nearly 60 years, and I like it that way.

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    I agree with a lot of what Shodai said.

    I mean, I agree that it can be frustrating, Tardkart, when people try to make you be one way. If you're trying to be yourself and they treat you badly for it, then it just sucks, and unfortunately a lot of people in our world want everyone to conform to one way of living.

    However, like Shodai said, sometimes I think we all should step outside ourselves for the common in situations of common courtesy and respecting other people. Everyone should be themselves, but everyone also needs to control themselves so that they don't cause problems for other people.

    I also think when someone tries to tell you something about how to live or what to do, it's important to look at their intent. If they're doing it for their own gain...because they like bossing people around or making themselves feel elite or to try to get people to be like them....then screw them. But if they're doing it because they legitimately think that it'll help you, then I think it's at least worth it to hear them out.

    That's the impression I got when I heard you mention the drug thing. If someone looks down upon you because of your experiences with drugs, then screw them. But if they're concerned about how it's affecting your life and want to help...then sometimes it's worth it to at least here what they have to say.

    However, I will mention this little side note that I heard during a conference I went to this summer. The speaker said "When someone tells you about a problem, you should never give them advice about it unless they ask you for it." Because a lot of times we don't really want people's advice, we just need someone to listen to our situations. I mean, I can't think of a situation where I had a problem and wanted someone's advice, but then told them the problem and didn't ask for their advice. Sometimes when people give advice in those situations, whether it's good or bad, I drown them out because I don't think they know the situation or I'm not in a mood to listen to them.

    (Of course, in certain situations, like abuse or suicide, this rule doesn't apply).

    So...I can understand how when someone tries to help you out that it can come across as irritating, too.

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    Normalcy is dictated by society around us, just like race. I have always been one to avoid being defined by something that everyone else comes up with so screw normal people.

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    Eh IF anyone calls me a freak I go.

    And I'm F-ing proud of that. Being normal means you will work at burgerking and sonic.

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