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Thread: What should I do???

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    Question What should I do???

    Okay... I don't know if this is really a very relative topic, but i have been going INSANE trying to figure out what to do.... i'm a bed wetter, but my family doesn't know... As far as my parents know, i stopped bedwetting when i was 12... But i'm going to be staying with my grandparents and can't wear diapers there without for certain being judged by them! Does anyone know another way to keep from at least wetting the bed or keep the bed from getting noticably wet?

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    Can you put jeans on over the nappy? My roommates don't know I wear them, so it isn't very hard to hide. Just put on a Molicare SPlus or something similar, they fit neatly under trousers and are really not noticeable. If you are small enough in the waist, you can even wear toddler nappies that are the larger sizes. Hope this helps.

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    Honesty is the best policy. Why doesn't your family know? It is a legit medical condition. If you wore glasses, why would you hide it from people? And consider this, would you rather them possibly finding out you wore a pullup or other type protection, or they definatly finding out you wet the bed? You have a much better chance of wearing protection discretly then you do of hiding a wet bed.

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    -Umm, refuse every offer of drinks after 6PM? and take a leak before bed
    -hide a couple of pullups in your luggage, then sneak the wet ones out when they arent looking? (damn, they're grandparents, probably up at 5am)
    -Ask for forgiveness after doing the above and still wetting the sheets?
    -actually, bedwetting is just common enough, and personally embarrassing enough, even if caught, they probably won't say much, if anything to your folks.. then again, I don't know your grandparants, they're not the type to parade your wet undergarments to all and sundry are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    -Umm, refuse every offer of drinks after 6PM? and take a leak before bed
    Some doctors say that helps nothing, since your body will produce urine no matter what at night. They actually claim it to be worse for you, since you are then dehydrating yourself.

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    Goodnites makes bedmates you could pack and put over the mattress. In the morning you could discreetly throw it away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingDog View Post
    Some doctors say that helps nothing, since your body will produce urine no matter what at night. They actually claim it to be worse for you, since you are then dehydrating yourself.
    sorry, i was being facetious

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    I'm curious why a medical problem is so bad to bring up to your family. You didn't choose to be a bedwetter, so they shouldn't judge you on something you have no control over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krone6 View Post
    I'm curious why a medical problem is so bad to bring up to your family. You didn't choose to be a bedwetter, so they shouldn't judge you on something you have no control over.
    This. Seriously... If your family would freak out because of a bladder control issue, do they make you sleep on the floor for getting a cold? (If they do, then I am really sorry and will gladly offer you a place to stay until you can find a job and get a place of your own, but I doubt anyone would do that... >.>)

    This isn't something that you should hide from family, it is something you should be open about so you can either get it treated or get support from them in your management technique.

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    Well I don't know where to start... there's so much "wrong" in your post that it makes me kind of sad... sorry.
    I've been a Bedwetter almost all of my 33 years alive ... (I've had a few few years of dry-beds in my mid-teens... but it came back with a vengeance) also I've been daytime IC for my entire life....
    My family has been VERY supportive (actually at times a bit too much )....

    When you say your parents thought your bedwetting stopped when you were 12 - what had changed? did you go out and buy diapers on your own??
    I've got a hard time believing you were able to hide buying, using and discarding diapers for a bedwetting problem for SEVEN YEARS... I'm am not saying you are lying about this - mind you... what I say, it's basically impossible that your parents are actually unaware of your bedwetting and the "remedy" (diapers)... I simply can't imagine how.
    So I guess they actively choose to "ignore" you on this and let you "handle" the situation. Which is not good.
    That also means that you have not been to a doctor I guess for your bedwetting? has anyone ever tried to figure out WHY you wet the bed? any tried treatments besides diapers (isn't exactly a treatment... it's just a help).
    Also I do think that you should really sit your folks down and have a talk... you're 19... I'm not saying you should run around in a t-shirt that says "I'm a bedwetter"... but make them understand that this is something, something you haven't asked for but something you've got to deal with and its not helping if they just ignore the issue... its not helping either that a teen has to find a way to get money and buy diapers for BEDWETTING... that's like having an non-adult person make pay for medication, pay rent to his parents, etc... it's wrong - unless by chance you make more money than your parents do...

    The other thing: I don't know how you handled your bedwetting at home "without being noticed" (again see my doubts above)... but I simply can't say why the same wouldn't work at your grandparents place? you'll get your own room? so I guess it's up to you what kind of "underwear" you wear at night... also you can either pack an additional pack of diapers/pull-ups in a separate bag or go out and buy some... every major grocery store has some... or pharmacies....
    I mean you seem to have done just that before... so what's the "problem".

    On the other hand you could TALK to your grandparents, maybe they can even help you talking to your parents? at least in most cases the grandparents aren't evil creatures and often have a bit more life experience than you and your parents. Also they maybe have to deal with incontinence themselves - it's not really uncommon for elderly people to suffer from IC... thus the chances of them being understanding are really high up.

    Also you're 19 - GO AND SEE AN UROLOGIST on your own terms... in so many cases something can be done about the bedwetting... there are several medications, treatments, etc...and it's important to try to figure out the "why"... if it's nothing medical and mainly psychological - see a therapist (they're not brain-eating zombies... so don't be afraid).

    About FLUID INTAKE: try to AVOID COKE, Coffee, etc.. anything with Caffeine, or related substances. Avoid Alcohol. all of those are diuretics (make you produce more pee and have to pee a lot more thus).... AND IT's STUPID TO LIMIT fluid intake 6hrs. before bed-time... doesn't do the trick... it's important to keep hydrated! But don't drink half a gallon before bedtime - that would be just as stupid... make it a habit to spread your fluid-intake (at least 2liters per day!!!) over the entire day... don't drink more than 2dl (0.05 gallons) at one time... your body can not handle more than that within an hour or two on a useful level - the rest will be mostly just expelled (more urine...).

    And as a last resort - if you can't get diapers, if your bedwetting isn't like every night and you can't see a doc in time, or no fix is to be found... if you can't / don't want to talk to your parents and/or grandparents... if all that fails, isn't an option:
    Buy some plastic pants (get two good ones) and bring along a few large terry-towels and maybe a micro-fleece towel (can be found at outdoor/sports stores... those quick-dry smooth towels)... fold a makeshift cloth diaper from the terry towel and place the micro-fleece towel on top of this (it'll help spread the moisture and will make you feel less wet when you wear cloth diapers)... put on the plastic pants over that and you should be fine for the night... if you wet, bring the towels to the shower, wash them out, wring them dry (the micro-fleece will be almost dry to the touch) and hang the terry-towel to dry... no one's going to be any wiser... if they wonder about the wet towel, say you made a bit of a mess with the shower (wet floor).
    This way you don't have to go out and buy diapers or discard used ones... the only thing you've got to bring that's "special" is the plastic pants.

    Now personally I'm not a fan of cloth diapers and I really don't like plastic pants... but alas, if you're out of other options it's still better than a wet bed.
    Had to do this for some time when I was abroad and I knew it would be really difficult to get diapers... it works... also unless you wet EVERY night (as I mostly do) you'll not be needing so many supplies... but even if you wet every nigh - a set of like 4 terry towels and 2 micro-fleece towels and two plastic pants can last you for several month of bedwetting. just have to do a lot more washing / drying.... but it's still a lot less bulk when you have to pack small than let me say several packs of disposables.

    But again, in your case I really suggest to try to talk to your parents, grandparents, get this issue looked after... diapers are not the solution here.

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