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Thread: New Year's Resolutions. What are yours?

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    Default New Year's Resolutions. What are yours?

    Hope I am not making a re-post for upcoming 2013

    Like the title said...
    New Year's Resolutions. What are yours?
    I do this every year now. I try to craft a list of new year's
    resolutions that will have a truly deep and meaningful
    impact in my life.

    So here we go....
    My New Years Resolution.

    Read My New Years Resolutions Every
    Morning Fist Thing In The Morning.

    Start a journal. Everyday wright down one new thing
    that I am grateful for.

    Not act out of fear.

    Learn to let go of shame.
    Stop being afraid to fail or look foolish in things
    that don't really mater.
    NOTE : Shame is a focus on self. Gilt is a focus on behavior.
    ex- gilt I did something bad, shame I am bad,
    gilt I made a mistake, shame I am mistake.

    Find out what my highest strengths are when I am in flow.
    Find a way to re-craft exercise, work, love and play so I
    can use my strengths more in a way that is meaningful to me.

    Regularly do yoga, weight lifting,
    and mindful meditation.

    Be present now as often as possible.

    Forge a strong social support network. Of at last 6
    close friends. People who I can treat like family and
    who will treat me the same.

    Learn to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat.

    Believe anything is plausible.

    Never miss a signal moment to learn something new.

    Learn by playing when ever posable, and learn how to be playful.

    Listen to my body needs more.
    Experience things that make me smile more often.

    Never automatically reject new meanings and
    information even if it contradicts old meanings and information.

    Be resistant to enculturation, but not be ignorant of it.
    Have the courage to be honest with myself.

    Lean into what I feel and don't numb myself to
    any of my emotions. Even the discomforting ones.

    Seek novel, epic and sublime experiences
    'in little things'.

    Start a savings.

    Commit random acts of kindness in healthy ways.

    Being a geek or a
    I research positive psychology, neuro-psychology,
    TED-talks and more to understand how to get more meaning,
    purpose, happiness, health, and self actualization out of life in
    an effective way. The things I didn't make good on last year
    I put on my New Year's Resolutions next year.

    It's still a work in progress.
    These are ideas I am playing or I haven't
    work out the wording to my satisfaction.
    Have the courage to be honest with myself.
    Lean into what I feel and don't numb myself to
    any of my emotions. Even the discomforting ones.
    Identify my defenses and having the courage to give them up.
    Stop using intellectualization as a Stress-related Defenses
    Intrinsic goals not extrinsic goals
    Get closer to personal self actualization.
    Be most like myself, without any apology or
    attempt to be anything else when it's safe to do so
    Have the courage to be honest with myself.
    Lean into what I feel and don't numb myself to
    any of my emotions. Even the discomforting ones.
    Always choose growth over security when ever I can.

    Sorry about being so long long winded.

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    i dont really know what my new years resolutions are yet. but i have been thinking about them. some of the options im thinking about will be very hard because of my ADHD. the current ones i have top of my list are to try not to swear as much.this one is hard because of my ADHD. thatis the only one i can think of right now. i mean i dont drink or smoke or anything like that so its hard to think of meaningfull ones. that would benifit me the most.

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    I accept my self for what I am and therefore do not need to resolve to change.

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    Every year my only resolution is not to make New Years' resolutions. I always mess up. :-/

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    I believe my New Years Resolution is to be proud of who I am, and not compare myself to others.

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    Get more closer to God
    Tell more people about God
    And be what God me to be
    Accept myself a little more
    Probably tell someone I know about my LK/DL

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    I need to try to get a gf! I haven't for a while bc I didn't really need one, but now that I have time it would be really nice

    I need to go to church more than i have

    I need to sleep more!!!

    I need to tell someone about my AB side...

    I need to wash my car. This is actually a big thing for me cause it never gets done

    thats my list!

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