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Thread: Horray for AMAZON!

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    Red face Horray for AMAZON!

    Hehehe I am sooo giggly right now I just bought; Baby Pants Adult Pacifier - Baby Blue, 2 of: Baby Pants Adult Onezie - Extra Large Blue Dinosaur, Baby Pants White Pull on Plastic Pants - Large, and a Baby Pants Adult Nipple for Baby Bottle! It was my first time ordering anything online! I can't wait for them to arrive Finally an adult sized paci, jammies, the works! *Content Sigh* I'm practically in bliss now... Imagine what it will be like to have them in my possession!
    I just thought I'd share this thought/ news with everyone

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    Good for you!! I hope you receive your items very, very soon!

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    If only they sold Bambinos or AB Universes on Amazon . . .

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    How much did all that cost? I am looking forward to being able to buy a computer soon, so I will want to get some baby clothes to experiment... My mummy makes me feel like a little girl, but I have never done anything like that, so I want to try it out to see before she gets home from deployment.

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    It came to a total of $116.15. The pacifier was $23.95, one of the two exact onzies was $31.45, the plastic pants were $10.80, and the botle nipple came to $18.50. @Tanara: I hope you have the chance tofind out if it works for you both! It can be very rewarding, I'm sure

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    *hugs* thank you. ^.^ I hope so, too.

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    They do sell Bambino on Amazon! Go now!

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    Sry, don't know how to edit posts...

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    Baby-pants product are quality items. I have been very happy with ordering from them.

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    Hope you get them sooon! I know you'll enjoy them!!!

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