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    Hello People!

    Noodle here once again with a thread about a new find and buy that might interest some of you people who are not of part of the skinny end of life.

    Recently during one of my walks in the asian district of my city I happened to fall upon a brand of diapers and being the person I am with extra money I bought it. Now you ask: "What brand of diapers were the Noodle?"

    The brand I bought was Goo.N. For those of you who dont know what Goo.N Diapers are they are a Japanese brand of diapers that when compared to the Pampers and Huggies and other brands of the US are somewhat huge. Anyways I bought a pair of XXL Goo.Ns and well here is a tiny review!!

    REVIEW: Goo.N Diapers

    Now when it came to the fit of these diapers they were rather well at least on my end they were something that I could easily tape up and walk around in without worrying most problems you would face with the regular Size 6s and 7s. Due to their abnormally huge size for a diaper targeted toward infants this diaper does increase the range of people who can actually wear it meaning most people who barely squeeze into the 6s and 7s can wear these somewhat well and mostly only worrying about the durability of the diaper. The only negative thing that came along with the fit was the stretch wasnt exactly stretchy but since it was rather big it wasnt much of a problem.

    Absorbency/Hold: Now the review section for those who would like to know how these diapers actually hold. Like in most cases infant diapers will generally take in one wetting per person of our average size. The leak guards on the diaper are fairly decent and can hold a semi flood if not a flood. The absorbency will take around 1-2 wettings for most of us. As for the hold well it can hold fairly well without any problem.

    Design: What can I say? Theyre infantile and cute to people who think that babyish items are cute. They have little animals and the like around them.

    Anyways yeah that was my great little find and buy, if you are interested in trying infant diapers but are not lucky to be skinny enough you might want to try to find these. As far as I know you can probably find them in Asian Markets, other than that you have to import them. Thats the tiny review and if you have any questions or what not feel free to ask me.

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    Never heard of them but sound interesting! Maybe upload a picture so we can see what they look like?

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