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Thread: Diapered Anime art

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    Default Diapered Anime art

    I was wondering if anyone like this kind of art? Just the simple ones, not the extreme.

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    I must confess that I do, though I've not see a lot of it. There's something about an anime person that just seems cuter to me rather than a real person. Maybe they just seem to have this idealized perfection about them.

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    I am a huge fan of diapered anime... I am a huge fan of anime.

    I have long been a donor at another diaper site that has artists that draw this style because I just love the stuff! There are many diaper artists who do very good work there and on Pixiv.

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    Increasingly becoming a big fan. Ohh so cute (the nice stuff) it seems to embody more of the littleness of being AB than photos do.

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    I quite like diaper anime - as long as the characters involved don't look too young - that is a major no-go for me...
    Also when it gets too much on the AB side, I don't find it too appealing, but other than that, yes, I do like it

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    I have to say I think most people will like anime diapered images, long as there image fits there rating I like them, if there PG then the age and view has to fit same if it is a more adult image then it needs to be a adult within that image.

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    I'm glad a lot of us agree, I really enjoy the diapered Naruto characters [removed]. It was what enticed to watch the Naruto series later on. It seems to be happening again because now I want to watch Trigun and Hitman REBORN. If anyone here likes Naruto check out the artwork under Tig3r Johnny on Diapered Anime's website.
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    Please do not post links to 18+ sites - they are still against the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HogansHeroes View Post
    Please do not post links to 18+ sites - they are still against the rules.
    Wow HH, I know this is off topic but I played your "In dir Ist Freude" as my first Freshman piece at Westminster Choir College. I not only memorized it, but I could play it and read the newspaper aloud at the same time, something my teacher told me Franz List could do. I just had to do that as well. I still play that piece in church the first Suday of the new year, which is what Bach wrote it for in his collection, "The Liturgical Year". The pedal work is quite interesting, including the trill.

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