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Thread: Winter..skiing...diapers!

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    Default Winter..skiing...diapers!

    In Europe we have a nice winter Christmas time is coming It means that skiing season has already started
    With a diaper on a slope Good idea?

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    I'm in Europe at the moment, too! It's freezing here! A diaper is a must for the slopes!

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    I always wear a diaper while on the slope's no other way to go

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    you have snow? we ain't got crap here in Michigan. We have lots of ski hills here, but the last few years we've gotten hardly any snow and it hasn't stayed cold enough for the ski hills to make much. I like to wear on long snowmobile trips:P My snowmobiles are begging to be ridden......GET WITH THE PROGRAM WINTER!!!!

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    It's been forever since I skied I would wear while im sking or snowboarding. Cus When you get to the top of the slope, far from the main log cabin, it's hardto get to the restroom. Not to minchin the hassle of undoing and redoing you gear and coat. Plus the restrooms arent really clean. Just give me a few good diapers and I'm good to go

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    Ah, it's this unfortunate season again here where it get's cold, snowy and depressing... argh...

    I'm more of a summer person... snow? no thanks. but unfortunately not much I can do.

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    I would say most definitely, just remember that getting snow down them is NOT fun. I usually take precautions like plastic pants and good secure snow pants.

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    though I havent skiied since I broke my leg 8 years ago, there's lots of that going on here
    gotta wonder how many are diapered on the slopes of Ajax

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