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    So, I have this bad habit of biting off any skin from my lower lip that I can. In the summer this isn't really a problem, but now that it's getting cold (and dry) outside, my lips are chapping like mad - and I can't get myself to stop biting! Right now it's burning and I still have the urge to bite it

    Anyone else have frustrating bad habits like this? If you've overcome it, how? The only relief I've found is load up on lip balm and sleep with my paci (which prevents me from biting).

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    Yeah, I actually have the exact same habit, and I'm doing it right now

    Also, I bite my nails to no end, and have a strong need to rip the labels off of most things. But I guess most people do things like that.

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    I bite my nails. In fact, if it is reasonably small and doesn't taste nasty, I will probably end up chewing it if it is in my possession. My latest is pen lids - it is really annoying my teachers because I can't talk clearly with one in my mouth.

    I pick my nose. Again, I don't think about it. It just happens. I used to eat it as well, though now I just try to clean my hands on a tissue or something like that.

    I used to bite my toenails as well as my fingernails. I don't any more (not flexible enough) but I still eat the nails once I have clipped them off. I also have a tendency to be a little overzealous with cutting my nails resulting in many ingrowing ones.

    To be honest most of my bad habits revolve around things going in my mouth and being chewed. Oral fixation, what?

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    I used to have pretty bad acne, and I used to scratch it when I was nervous, sometimes until it would bleed. It was really embarrassing and it's take a long time to get to the point where I could consciously realize what I was doing and stop.

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    I have a few, I'm a chronic pen chewer, I literally destroy just about any pen that comes into my possession. Also, I do bite my nails. I guess those are the major two. Only other thing that isn't really a true habit, but it's a bad thing is that I only eat once a day about 90% of the time.

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    I am a chronic procrastinator. I had to put my bills on auto draft so everything would stay connected. Part of it's ADD, but IDK.

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    I am a chronic procrastinator.
    Oh boy, I feel your pain. I find it horrendously difficult to bring myself to do anything that requires any kind of effort. Talking of which, I have an essay that I really need to get done soon.

    Aside from that, I bite my nails and I can get really obsessive about things sometimes.

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    Imma precrastinator, meaning I like to do everything early and fast so i can then be lazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapcrotch View Post
    I am a chronic procrastinator. I had to put my bills on auto draft so everything would stay connected. Part of it's ADD, but IDK.
    I was going to post sooner, but I put it off.

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