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Thread: Dealing with cache of diapers before I move away

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    Default Dealing with cache of diapers before I move away

    In about two weeks, I moving a fair distance and don't want to bring what I have with me. All I have left are about 30 Molicare Classics, 50 overnight adult pullups, 10 Certainly Briefs and about 80 bedpads.

    I'm not sure what to do with them, since I'm not sure if anyone would want them (shipping would be a pain), and it's pretty wasteful to trash them.

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    Default Dealing with cache of diapers before I move away

    You should see if people would buy them from you.

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    You could donate them to your local Goodwill Store if you have one.

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    Default Re: Dealing with cache of diapers before I move away

    List them in craigslist. Or donate them to a thrift store.

    I also have some stuff to get rid of. I just can't find a place that can fit an 18 wheeler in it.

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    Give most of them to a DL friend and keep few diapers for you, It can be comforting to know you 've got few diapers on hand.

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    One option would be to gift them to a local ABDL friend. If you don't know any ABDLs in the area then you could consider donating them to charity, or nursing homes, or even just to regular incontinent people who might really benefit from getting them for free.

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    I have been thinking more than once about what I'd do if I were in the same situation: in your case, it not being a huge amount of stuff, I think the suggested solution of giving what you're sure you won't need to a DL friend and keeping a few for yourself would be the best option.

    That's what I normally do when I find out that I don't particularly like the fit of some diapers I got and I end up not using them anymore: bringing them as a gift when I'm visiting DL friends always makes them happy to expand their stash, especially if it's unusual brands that they didn't have the chance to try out yet.
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