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    Alright, so I'm sometimes wearing Depends Super Underwear, large, in public. Always take my bag, a pair to change into, and a plastic bag to dispose of the wet ones in.

    What should I know about these things?

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    I dunno what to tell you, I think you already know what you need to about these. I can say that absorbency wise, these leave a lot to be desired so make sure that you are really careful about using them, if you plan to use them at all. I'm assuming you are using the pull up style, not the re-fastenable style, if so, you can literally rip the old ones off of you without having to disrobe. I kind of like ripping them off, makes me feel strong , though putting on a new one can be kind of a pain if you have to take your clothes off to pull it up, that's where the re-fastenables really shine in their ease of changing.

    Only other thing I could say is to make sure that you fold the waistband down as they tend to ride up absurdly high and this would be a tell-tale giveaway if you were to say, bend over to pick something up, or if perhaps you had to reach for something high on a shelf or something of that nature. That's about all the advice I can give you.

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    Yep, already fold them down.

    Pity I can't find a fitted-briefs merchant in the local area. Would then be able to use the Supers in public and the briefs at home.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Most places that sell those probably sell at least the Depend adult briefs too, regardless of what people may say about their quality, they aren't too bad when there's nothing else available. I get them from Walgreen's normally, but all the major chain stores where I live carry them.

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    I'm Australian. The range is utterly horrible, I swear.

    Only bought the DSU eight-pack because there was nothing else in there in my size. There were fitted briefs, but whadayaknow, too small.

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