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    I guess I could start like most other people by saying "hello." My name is Colton and I have traveled on a rock around the sun 17 and 10/12 times. Each time becomes more interesting than the last. I want to call myself a writer, though I really just write rubbish at the moment: a combination of short stories that literally show the width but not the depth of my imagination and a collection of scripts that I hope to film one day. I really don't know how I ended up here. That may sound weird because I've been a viewer of abdl communities for years and so of course I would end up here. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have finally decided to put myself out there for others to know who I am. This is different from anything I have really ever done. I usually keep to myself, hide in the shadows of my own imagination (not in a creepy way though, its just I don't know what to say). And thus I come to the end of my message because I really don't know what else to say at the moment. I plan on adding to my profile as soon as i get the time. I want to thank anyone who listened to me so far and I hope to become part of this community soon.

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    Welcome, you're already part of our community having put yourself out in the spotlight. You'll be joined by a few other people every day, and of course there are the milling throng of us who have gone before you

    What you wrote is not rubbish, and you might have noticed that it's way more than most people do when they join. Therefore you are already setting an excellent example.

    Write and post what you want, join in the IRC chat if you feel the urge, and just generally annoy the rest of us into liking you for whom you are. (I already do).

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    It looks like you put a lot of thought into your introduction, and to respect that detail, I will endow great fervor into mine. The people you'll find in this community are very accepting and nonetheless wise. This place can be the breeding grounds for ideas (if you so choose to view it that way). Communication is key here, and you seem to have mastered that art fairly well. So I'll be one of the firsts to be offering you a hand shake and a hearty welcome aboard.

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    Welcome, fellow Oregonian! I look forward to learn more about you.

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