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    Any suggestions for a good name to use as a LG?

    My name IRL is Johnny.

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    How about Taylor, unless that is not girly enough for you.

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    Here's some popular names from the 1990's; you can also look at other decades such as the '80's or '00's. What appeals to one person doesn't always appeal to another, so I'm just taking the shotgun approach. :3 I guess you could always feminise your current name, although I always thought that was kind of... uninspired.

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    My parents would have named me Renee if I was a girl...

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    Well, do you like that name? Would it help you feel more little? It's all about whatever feels best for you.

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    Or I like Dunia it sounds exotic hah

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    Sarah, Sora, Emily and Brittney are some of my top favorite girls names.

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    Be careful with exotic names. You don't want to sound like a hooker. You could always check out baby name sites. A cool way to do it, as I did with my name, is to look at your name and rearrange the letters intil you see a name pop out. It doesn't have to use the right letters either. For some reason looking at your name I see Neeya, that is just the name as it sounds spelling is how ever you want it. That's how I ended up with Zamira and I don't even have a 'Z' in my name XD

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    These names sound like something out of the Lion King haha.I like Nala

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