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Thread: Lost her

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    Default Lost her

    Just lost the girl of my dreams not to long ago... she went back to her ex that treated her like s*it.. out of the blue she went back to him after saying she never would.. really sucked when i found out cause she even said we were perfect for each other and all that.. tis the season for heartbreaks as well i guess..

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    Probably your own damn fault for not stepping up. It is never too late but every relationship is a two way street, all the effort can not be coming from one side.

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    yea not my fault at all buddy. i put a ton of effort into it... and shes knows that, she would even agree.

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    Default Lost her

    When was the last time you talked to her? I know the NC thing can drive me a little crazy sometimes

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    You know love can be stupid. her X will treated her like s*it. What will happen is he or she will go. I am sorry I will never do it again boohoo. They will wait a few Month or a few years and do that crap again.

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    She deserves it if she's willing to get back into a relationship like that. I'm sure you will find someone even better!

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    It sounds to me like she is nowhere near ready to settle down. At least it happened before children got involved in the mix.
    Perhaps it is for the best.

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    Like everyone else has said you will find someone better, hang in there

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    Girls like being treated like shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanFan View Post
    Girls like being treated like shit.
    Talua, do you enjoy being treated like shit?

    (Don't worry, I'll point this out to her.)

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