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Thread: Diaper Checks

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    Default Diaper Checks

    Many a thread are there that discuss the diaper change. It is one of the highlights for many *B's and DL's. Far less discussed however, is the diaper check. When someone else makes a point of taking a look and determining whether or not you're wet or dirty.

    As an AB, I can't think of much that makes you feel small and helpless like the knowledge that another human being doesn't expect you to be able to decide on your own whether you need a new diaper or not. Partly for this, it ranks high on my personal fantasies to be playing without a care in the world, oblivious to the presence of Mommy/Daddy/Whoever coming over to check if I've made a mess.

    How do other members feel about the idea of diaper checks? Is there anyone who is 24/7 or incontinent, who actually has someone doing this? Is the idea of another keeping track of your diaper's condition something you're not comfortable with?

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    Um, well...

    I live with Rainbow (RainbowMommy as she is known on here) and most of time she is the one who helps me diaper up and such. And while she doesn't come and just look to see about my diaper condition, she does ask me.

    But to answer your question, having someone (even her) come up and just check my diaper would be weird, and i wouldn't like it. I actually like it that she asks and stuff. Just today before she left for work, she woke me up asking about my diaper condition, which she never does. But it was nice.

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    I've actually never thought about it...But after reading this, I think I would like it...It would really add to the babyish feel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I've actually never thought about it...But after reading this, I think I would like it...It would really add to the babyish feel
    I concur

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    i'd be blushed about it...but it would make me feel alot more lil if i was just up and checked , rather then asked

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    yeh id like getting my diaper checked ^_^
    that would be cool, especially if my friend who come over doesn't know i wear a diaper and my sister or mother comes and check if im wet, my friend be like wtf and i would say hehe wanna try one on?
    lol this is an interesting topic
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    Well... As a whole it would be a nice touch (to add to some role playing), but I rather not have constant diaper checks (or changes) when not role playing.

    I enjoy my grown-up and my toddler lives both separately (although there are always exceptions to the rule).

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    Being "just a DL" I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I wouldn't mind it per se, but it could be a little odd.

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    Would be weird if anyone else but like a girlfriend did it. If a girlfriend did however it would be pretty hot

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    From the *B standpoint, it definitely sounds nice. It could be a fairly obvious part of regression and would certainly make me feel very babyish and secure. Due to this, I would probably enjoy it a lot.

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