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Thread: Picky diapering anyone?

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    Default Picky diapering anyone?

    Hey all,

    I've noticed something about my ABDL that seems to fly in the face of the rest of my life: I am meticulous and picky about how my diapers are taped up. I need them to be symmetrical and evenly snug, or it bothers me. In the rest of my life, I'm a slob, but I like my diapers neat, and my blankies folded perfectly in my nursery. Do you share this feeling? I have chatted with a few about this, and the conversation evolved into a discussion of OCD, with a few people admitting being diagnosed with OCD, which then made me wonder how many AB's are OCD compared with the larger population. So my two questions are 1) Are you picky about your diapering/AB stuff, and 2) Are you officially OCD, or have you been diagnosed with it?

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    I'm not picky about how I am diapered, and no; I am not OCD.

    It just has to work well and be comfortable.
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    I am pretty picky about how I am diapered. I don't know if I'm ocd, but it would not surprise me.

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    Me too. Symmetry in fit is important though to prevent leaks and tapes/plastic poking you uncomfortable.

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    Sorry, I forgot the third question: 3) If you are picky, neat and meticulous in your ABDL, how are you with the rest of your life?

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    Default Re: Picky diapering anyone?

    I'm a little picky, but not OC about it. Strangely enough, the way my diaper is taped up is one of a very few instances where a lack of symmetry doesn't bother me.

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    no OCD here... bout as sloppy as they get...

    P.S. people misuse the term OCD all the time... if u dont experience anxiety from the obsessions & compulsions, es not OCD...

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    Yes, Countdown, lets not mistake "picky" behaviour with OCD, which is a serious dehabilitating illness on a completely different scale. People do that with autism too, they say things like "Im so autistic about blah blah," but they have no idea...

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    Oh! I am *obsessed* with the precision of taping up a diaper. A millimetre's difference and I can feel it -- like the "Princess and the Pea"!

    I remember the second adult nappy I put on (after a less-than-perfect first attempt the night before). I got a ruler out, measured the width in several places, drawing dots at 5mm intervals. Then I drew lines down the diaper, connecting the dots to form a series of parallel lines along the length. Then I wiggled the diaper until the tapes on each side were exactly the same distance away from the central line, carefully applied the tapes and... it was still a terrible fit and felt slightly asymmetrical. Gah! It's so annoying!

    I still can't get it perfectly symmetrical 15 years later but my technique is much better and I do at least get a good comfortable fit.

    I'm not sure how that compares to the rest of my life... I used to be a perfectionist and obsessed with details... then I went a bit crazy and now live a pretty disorganised life... :-/

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    I really do prefer my tapes almost perfect symmetrical but i can deal with it, when its not, cause as a baby i shouldn't care ;p lol

    my OCD tendencies are really small and probably shouldn't be called that, but more like strong preferences. i'm a nut

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