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    not much to put here, just doing this so im not a 'lurker'

    eh. im 15. boy. Louisiana

    video games. computer games. diaper and baby paraphernalia
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    Well welcome ! (:

    I'm a female, 15, DL, Ohio

    I also enjoy video games. (:

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    Hello, welcome to the site!
    We won't bite, I think. I pretty sure the most harmful thing you can possibly do on the site is lick me. We're generally a very accepting and sociable community. Please tell us a bit more about yourself, like whether you like computers, abacuses, calculators, cars, hats, limericks, or whatever it is which is important to, or somewhat interesting to you. Or which games in particular.
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    Hey , are you one of them coonasses?

    Welcome from the north end of the state!

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    Oh so we're playing it that way, huh?

    I'm Dash, a boy, 18 and from the home of the brave... no. not America.

    Well I hope you plan on making use of your "newbie" status by posting lots n lots =]

    Saying that, don't feel pressured to post to raise your post count / status / rep / etc... just post when and where you feel you wanna say something - AND... don't hesitate to post - we're a pretty open and discursive community, even on the touchy subjects


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