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Thread: I need help with buying!

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    Default I need help with buying!

    My folks are heading out for two weeks in the beginning of january and I want to buy actual good diapers, but I don't really want to order online unless I really have to. Can anyone help me out here with what stores will carry the best diapers? There's one in the city nearby that sells tranquility but I'm looking for something that swells really big! Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    Tranquillity's are about the best you can get without going online. You won't find any Molicares, Dry24/7's, Or Abena's without going online.

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    Call up some medical supply stores and see if you can get lucky. Also craigslist and thrift stores might be a source for decent diapers.

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    Tranquility ATNs swell up quite a bit. Have you tried them? If you want to just have a huge diaper, double one up. Good luck finding other types of diapers in store. You are lucky you can even find tranquility, few stores carry even them.

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    Go to a nearby pharmacy, that's what you do in Belgium I guess, although I have to move out of the country if I want to have ANY privacy.
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    i would try that but if you really want prper good diapers you should probably go online. i mean i get mine from online and i think most ABDLS do too i think.but i would defenitly check the shops first as the guys are right you might get lucky but i wouldnt count on it unfortunatly

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