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    So,before i get into the serious matters, let me say that im SOO SORRY that i've been inactive for some long and that im ALSO sorry too come back and have the first thing i write is me crying and being upset. Also, if this SOUNDS like a personal add let me say ITS NOT because ITS NOT.

    anyways.. for the past week or so, i have been feeling down in the dumps.. really just in the gutter, because it feels like im the ONLY AB/DL on the earth (clearly that is not true because there are 100s among 100s of websites)
    But.. it feels like there is NO ONE in the AB/DL world that i can relate too. and i feel alone because of it

    and than.. because i AM A BABY.. it feels like not having that "Mommy,Aunty,Big sister" here too help me.. is making me feel WORST.. so it feels like im sad/angry at the same time.. and i'll even be so bold as to admit that im starting too get Jealous of OTHER AB/DL that DO have a "Parent figure"

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    I know how being lonely feels, and even though I have an owner now, I still feel alone because he lives in Italy. The southern part of Europe.
    But first things first, you don't NEED to feel alone, because you AREN'T alone. Hang out with your friends, family. play games, go to parties, just generally have fun!
    That is what helps me when I am alone.

    If it is your AB side that is in need, try to find a partner who understands, date someone, or try to get to know someone through the internet(BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH)
    I found Quattrus on ADISC because he is a clingy son of a wolf, even though he is in Italy we can still chat through Skype. Which is also a way to feed your need as an AB,
    Try to RP a bit in a chatroom with someone, join the skype community(but don't annoy ME :P).

    Good luck with your quest son,
    It might take a while, but know that it IS worth it.


    Protip: Don't push yourself unto people, they tend to not like that *speaks out of experience*

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    Really, I can't blame you. My little self feels somewhat rejected or lonely when I express it, rarely happy, because it is scared someone will walk in on me and freak out. I can understand it all. My grandmother and mother know, my mother is... indifferent and doesn't care either way. My grandmother is accepting and very helpful. Still, I wish I had someone I could express it to in person. I understand fully.

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    I have to start by pointing out that I am NOT an AB... but I think there's nothing wrong with being one.
    But I know, from a psychological point of view, neither does help you in your situation.

    But here's a thing: I'm a bedwetter, I'm Incontinent.... and for a long time have lived a bit of a "closet" life when it came to finding a girlfriend (I've been in a stable long term relationship for over ten years now... I'm 33 btw.).... I was of course constantly reminded that I am "broken" "inferior" whenever I had to change my pad, or woke up wet in the morning. Added to all of that came the DL aspect to top it off nicely... that was just "killing" me... I thought not only do I piss myself, can't hold it in - but I also have come to LIKE the diapers... I felt wrong, I felt alone, I was constantly thinking that no one would be able to love someone like me. I was of course - not unlike yourself - completely aware that I am by far not the only one having such "problems".

    The point though is to think outside of your box:
    Finding someone you LOVE and does LOVE you - you don't need to find a "PARENT FIGURE" (MOMMY / DADDY) in the first place... in so many cases, if love is there, if the two of you are interested in each other, attracted (psychological, emotional, physical) to each other and are both a tad open minded and you're not asking for something like to be an AB 24/7, to be always diapered, babied etc... but just want her/him to accept this as a part of your personalty, but not define yourself JUST THROUGH your AB SIDE... it becomes far easier and far more likely to find someone to share your desires / life with.

    I mean we are not defined only by one personality trait... the human personality is usually a complex assembly of aspects - related / unrelated .... you having a FETISH, Desires for an Alternative Lifestyle, etc... is not "YOU" completely - it's just ONE ASPECT of your person.
    The moment you stop elevating that single ASPECT to an omnipresent/-potent affair everything else will become easier.
    The moment I stopped defining myself through my Incontinence, through my bedwetting, through my DLism and my Controversial Association with being DL and wanting nothing more than being rid of the IC / Bedwetting, life changed dramatically for the better.
    I'm not ignoring any of those aspects, I actually "embrace" them to the point that I can accept some (IC / Bedwetting) and enjoy the other (DL-side)... and yet I like to think that there's a LOT more to myself than those three rather minor traits.

    I guess it's not easy, (no it isn't - or actually it's simply, but realizing it on a level that can also trigger that change is complicated at times).... but try not to think yourself of as "I AM A BABY".. No you're not - obviously you're not - you're an adult... You'd like to believe that you'd WANT TO BE A BABY... and again, nothing wrong here... but it's not EVERYTHING YOU ARE. By far not.
    it's just a tiny, not as important aspect (I'm not "down-playing" your desires - I just try to look at things in a bigger context...)

    One major problem is, that by raising your own "narrow" definition of yourself to such an omnipotent level, as that you try to define yourself through being an AB, you get into a control-dependency with that desire - you actively let this desire / this side of you control your life, whilst it would be much more "healthy" that you're the one who's actively in control of your AB SIDE...
    like it's OK to live out the desires, but it's not everything.

    I know it's easy to get caught up in such things, to give it more "credit" than it deserves
    Give it a try, you'll see - it'll become a lot easier

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    Sorry and promise you are not alone, sometimes it helps when you get up in the morning to face the sunrise (without blinding yourself) close your eyes, hug yourself smile and think of something nice.

    BIG INTERNET HUG for you!

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