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Thread: Announcement of my Return!

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    Default Announcement of my Return!

    Hmmm where to start? I have so much to say so I guess I will start with I have officially returned after like a several month (maybe 3 or 4 months?) departure of the community. I left with intentions to never come back for several reasons that are not important now, but I did say some out of line comments before I left so if those hurt anyone I am sorry and hope you can forgive me.

    Enough of that though there are sooooo many new faces here I have come to notice, after briefly browsing over the threads and member list. So welcome to all other new comers in the past 3-4 months since I have not been here to welcome you! It is good to have you here, specially to the new girl members, because you all are truely what makes the abdl community thrive to grow and give hope to the mass amount of straight male abdl's. If you have not come to realize this yet, you will realize it eventually.

    So I realized even though I left with hard feelings towards some people here, and the way the community structure was changing, I realized after being away for a long time and making a profile on dspace, it made me realize there is no place as good and home like community life ADISC. At least not to me. The majority of members here, like probably 99% are all truely good people, and that makes me proud to be an ab/dl and daddy!

    Well I hope to re-establish old relationships and make new ones with the new members, and look forward to doing that and posting on the forum like back in the day!

    Eclipse (the REAL OIGINAL eclipse not the new one that joined while I was away lol)

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    Welcome back, indeed!!

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    Welcome back! You seemed to disappear not so long after I got here so I must be one of the relatively new faces, even if I did get here before you left. Well I hope I get to know you better too. Now, catch up on all the posting you missed, NOW!

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    Omg, it's an Eclipse.

    Edit: Post 200! I sorta hoped it had been more epic though....
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    Welcome back. I don't remember when you left or what was said, but it doesn't matter now. You're back, so start posting!

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    I've wondered on several occasions if you ever will pop your face round the door again. And I'm glad you did! You were an active member here, to me, you did seem to leave a gap in the community, despite how big the member base is here.

    Gald to see you back! Even in such a short amount of time, you have missed allot on the forums! I doubt you will ever catch up with the large volume of post made here each week!

    Welcome Back (Oh, I changed my avatar from the image below)

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    something something somethi-... ECLIPSE HAS RETURNED.

    yay! Great to have you back!

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