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    Hey, so about 7 months ago i decided to leave this site. I also decided to stop wearing diapers altogether. But unfortunately i've found out that this really isn't something you just stop.

    I told my parents about this and i guess was seeking acceptance, which i got. But i think that acceptance went to my head and i started to wear all the time around them. Especially my mom who told me that i seem to be regressing or something to that effect. So she talked me out of it and i told her i'd stop. Which i did.

    I've been having dreams about them quite regularly recently and thinking about the all the time. I know it's a part of who i am but i just haven't fully accepted it yet. The times when i am ok with it, i seem to overendulge and become antisocial. But since i've stopped i've been a lot more social but distracted at the same time. I think what i really need is to find a healthy balance of the two...

    So, with that said, i've sort of started talking to my mom about it, but i work a weird shift so we're going to save it for friday when it's just the two of us and i'm going to explain to her that i wanted her acceptance but took it too far after i got it and sort of abused it. She's suggesting therapy to get rid of the desire, how do i explain to her that i really don't think it's something to be "cured"? It's like trying to cure homosexuality, it's part of who i am and it can't be cured.

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    I'm in kind of the same boat. I'd left the site for a few months, but without a community to come back to who really understands your feelings, you do tend to fall into extremes (either quitting or overindulging). I'm finding it's really important to talk it out with other infantilists, who understand what it feels like. Balance is tough to find. Hope we can both find it.

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    I was thinking the same thing, that you need to find some balance. I do understand however, that sometimes the urges can hit unreasonably hard, and one is driven to act upon it, day after day. I'm still surprised in myself, that I can go days and days with no desire, and then have a need to wear and use for several days in a row. I've often wondered what causes the binge, if it isn't triggered by some sort of brain chemicals, like endorphins.

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    A lot of life is finding that happy medium. That could be anything from balancing a bank account, to figuring out your bed time. Why not try it on a scheduled basis? Every Tuesday and Friday, you wear to bed and that's it. Or, wear all day on your day off ect. Find a fine amount of time that you can spend regressing so that it won't take over. Think of it as a trial and error sort of thing. Good luck!

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    Maybe you should rethink the idea of therapy. Your probably thinking that they are going to try to "cure" you of wearing diapers, but that is not how therapy is going to be, and is really not the point of it! Like your saying, if a person went to a therapist about homosexuality, any competent therapist is not going to try to "cure" this person of there homosexuality if they did not want this! It goes against the who idea of how therapy works

    Instead, a good therapist will help you work threw your problems you are experiencing. A therapist is going to help you change the things in yourself you do not like. If balance is what you are looking for, then a therapist can help you achieve that.

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    I'm sure you just misread what i said about therapy. I had talked to my mom earlier tonight and she had suggested therapy. I don't feel i need therapy at all. I just have to find a balance of social interactions and diaper time, for lack of a better term. I've been going out an being more social, which in turn has helped me feel a little more comfortable socializing with people outside of my family. I've got some pretty amazing friends.

    Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and advice. I missed that a lot. It's awesome to have a community of people with the same interests as you. Especially when it's not really something a lot of us would talk about publicly to other people.

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