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    Question ABUniverse Cloth Diapers

    Has anyone bought these and tried them out? I'm finding that my budget is tight, so I'm switching to cloth, and so far I've been great during the day. At night I want something a "little" thicker.That can hold several wettings, or just be worn on a weekend when I'm at home. So any reconciliations for other cloth diapers is also welcomed.

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    I forgot to add I'm working with three diffrent AIO cloth diapers at the moment, so I haven't yet tried anything but velcro and pull-on cloth diapers.

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    I have used both ABU cloth velcro and the ABU AIOs. Both are okay. The cloth velcros are my choice at the moment. they absorb a lot and are comfy. They fit me a little big...I got the large size, and the velcro tabs come up the the middle of my front, with no chance for making them tighter. The velcro tabs have a tendency to fold up on themselves (there are no laundry tabs on these) and can be difficult to get to lie flat. But they do work well. I can wet three times during the night usually with no leaks. I've not yet figured out what the soaker material inside is made of, but it feels like some kind of cotton's not a solid piece of material. I use Leakmaser plastic pants, and the only time I have to worry about leaks is when I overfill them, and then the usually leak from the legs or the top back.

    The AIOs are made of PVC for the outer waterproof layer, and should not be subjected to heat. This is a major problem since they take forever to hang dry. I already have a rip in the outer cover, probably because I've weakened the PVC by putting it on low heat in the dryer. The absorb well, and have an insert made of either microfiber or terry (I can't figure out which) that really absorbs a lot. Wetness tends to wick through the elastic at the legs and the waist since the elastic is not fully contained in the waterproof layer. I wear plastic pants as a backup for these as well.

    Both of these work okay for me, but these are the first cloth products I've had, so I have nothing to compare them to. If you treat them right (at least with the PVC covered AIOs) they will serve you well. I plan on sewing my own fitted cloth diapers after Christmas as they are easy to sew, and I can fit them to me and give them the absorbency that I want.

    Good luck with cloth. I've been using cloth for about a month, and my disposables are not getting any use.

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    Wow, my dipaers had literally just gone into the dryer when I read this. I don't think I've ran to the back of the house that fast before. :/
    Also, thanks for the info, your post was really well thought out.

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