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    Default hello - diaper lover here

    I am fairly new to diaper play. I ran across an article about people enjoying wearing diapers and tried it about a year ago. Since then I have discoved that I also enjoy the feeling and the freedom in wearing a diaper. Yes I have worn them in public and also found that to be - well more than pleasant. I am not able to wear them 24/7. I have managed to wear them for weekends at a time when I am alone and oh would love to be able to do that for weeks at a time. I am lots older than most on here - ie over 50.

    I am male to female transexual - been on hormones for over 3 years - i am also pre operation so no vagina yet - the operation is super expenseive.

    I do enjoy talking to others and am learning lots from the site .

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    Wow...this is a first that I get to meet someone who happens to be the same thing like me, a DL. Hopefully we'll get some time to know each other some time.

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