S/M Depend Fitted Briefs are on special at WalMart.com! They are only sold in a case of 4, 20 packs, for a total of 80 diapers. They are on special right now for just $48.00 a case! That's just $0.60 per diaper. Regular price on these I think is around $55-56 per case. For comparison, most of the AB speciality diapers are $1.50 or more each. Some are even $2+! That's 2-3+ times as expensive! Also on orders of this size, Walmart.com offers FREE shipping! Yes, FREE shipping!


I have already ordered a case. I do have some speciality diapers that I use at home, but I like the Depends for use when wearing in public because they are much thinner. What I do is I wear a white t-shirt onesie from Baby-pants.com over the diaper then put my normal clothes over both. The onesie looks like a normal white t-shirt when normal pants are worn over it (just be sure to cut out the baby-pants tag from the neck of the T so it doesn't end up giving away your secret), and since I almost always wear a white t-shirt under my clothes anyway, no one ever notices anything!

Anyway, just wanted to tell everyone about the special. Don't know how long it lasts so if this size fits you, take advantage while you can!