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Thread: diapered furfag X3

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    Cool diapered furfag X3

    Hello there. I am Duffy an African civet diaperfur. I've been into diapers for a looooong time, and a fur for about 5 years. :3 not sure what else to say , so i'll go ^////^

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    reminds me of how the blacks call each other n****r (blockin it out b/c i fear the gods shant be pleased if not )... now the furries are callin each other furfags???

    welcome to the forums

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    So glad I am not the only one who uses that to describe myself. X3 I find it hilarious. I use horrible terms about myself all the time, when I am rude, I say "I am going to be a c*** about this, just deal with it." When it is over text, some people don't get that I am joking... That can be a funny conversation to have. >.>

    Anyway, WELCOME! I love it here already, and I am only a few days old on the forum, so I am sure you are going to love it, too. *sniffs curiously* You are the first civet I have ever met. Do you like coffee? I bet you do. *scurries around, sniffing and scritching* It is decided, I like you. *rests on the newbie's head* Friends? *holds down paw for shake*

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