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Thread: Worst movie youve ever seen

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    Default Worst movie youve ever seen

    Haha hi my fellow diaper enthusiasts. So I just watched avatar, the last air bender the live action movie right, and everyone I had asked about it had told me how horrific it was, but I didnt think it was as bad as they made it out to be. Then I went and actually watched it to find out it was actually much much worse than what they described. A movies never made me wanna throw up before lol.

    So anyways it got me thinking, whats the worst move that youve ever seen?

    and go!

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    Oh gosh! The movie that I've seen has got to be Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedburg's Disaster Movie (2008). So full of plotholes, terrible acting, pop culture references used as abysmal jokes, horrible special effects... EVERYTHING!!

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    "Lady in the Water" was pretty terrible... And Guess who's the film maker ? :p

    "Jack and Jill" was also one of the worst movie I have ever seen. I don't even know why I watched it Oo

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    For me it was Catwoman... I was so looking forward to it! But alas, a bad plot, bad fx and not so good acting ruined it for me. A part of me enjoys it but... I cannot say I liked it.

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    I'm going to say "Lady Killers" I don't know what Tom Hanks was thinking.

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    Dumb and Dumber................Yet I watched idiocracy just fine.

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    1. santa clause vs the martians, tied with hobgoblins
    2. jaws 3d
    3. rubber
    4. tremors 3

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