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Thread: AB/DL Themed Music Ideas and Works (Help Me Out!)

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    Lightbulb AB/DL Themed Music Ideas and Works (Help Me Out!)

    So, I am working on producing a lot of music.... I am also in the works of recording some shows as well.

    The purpose of this thread is to keep what I produce available in one thread alone.... PLUS....

    A place for you guys to help me with IDEAS and comments/suggestions. (Please keep them polite and constructive of course.)

    I am thinking about maybe a song about "Toys" and I keep remembering the Beastie Boys "Girls" Song cause it would fit perfectly but at the same time I feel if I copy the over all sound it might be a bad idea? I am trying to come up with some AB/DL Etc. themed songs that can be faster. Well, generally trying to branch out and talk about what we like without saying little every other word... LOL

    Maybe a Christmas song? On the first day of Christmas my mommy gave to me.... LOL.....

    Maybe a song about... DIAPERS? lol. Please help me out with your ideas. =D

    Here are the two songs that are put together so far, although, they may change at some point.

    Song 1 - Little On The Inside

    Song 2 - Little Guy

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    Pretty cool, BabyMitchy! I do a bit of music creation myself, though it's trancy and lyrically-void; you'll get no material help from me, I'm afraid!

    AB-themed music seems fine and good. I'm a little unsure about DL music, though. At least if you're referring to the fetish angle. I've never been a big fan of music with strong sexual undertones. Or overtones. I suppose that, with only minor changes to the lyrics, you could probably turn just about any country song into a song about the binge/purge cycle -- Weird Al style.

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