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Thread: Grimm Concept Art Digital Paintings - Interesting

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    Default Grimm Concept Art Digital Paintings - Interesting

    Hi all,

    Just found these on a non-english version of the Grimm wiki. (For the life of me, I can't recognize what language its written in. Sorry. One of those days.) It has what I assume are concept art renderings of the Wesen spiecies. This show got me into the furry community and it is interesting seing the designs rendered as paintings. The Steinadler, my favorite (Farley Kolt FTW) is awesome and the Seltenvogel is beautiful, and from me with no sexual interest in furry creatures. Shame they changed her design for the actual show.

    Wesen - Wiki Grimm

    Where would these fall on TV Tropes' sliding scale of anthropomorphism, I wonder?

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    I couldn't see the images because that site crashed Safari on my iPod multiple times. That language, however, is Spanish.

    Just thought I'd let you know

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    That´s spanish I´d say. And most of those creatures´ names are german.
    ... Oh, and thanks for sharing.
    I´m sure my nightmares are going to benefit from those beautiful... things.
    This section is supposed to be filled with pictures of cute little furries, not... this!
    My eyes! My wonderful, innocent eyes!

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    Repeating what Shadowhare just said, they look very 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-ish. I guess that comes from Joss Whedon.

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    THey're from the TV show Grimm, one of my favorite shows. The names are, indeed, grammatically mangled German.

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