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Thread: Anyone else into jazz

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    Default Anyone else into jazz

    So, I feel a bit of a loner when it comes to jazz here, I for the most part detest modern music and consider it to be gutter trash. I know I can't be the only one who likes jazz, but I am nonetheless curious to know if anyone else likes it. Furthermore who are your favourite artists. Mine are probably John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Canonball Adderly to name a few

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    I like Enes Kanter. Oh, real jazz not the Utah Jazz? That's too bad.

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    Hmm, I do like a bit, but it's more in the style of Charlie parker and miles davis, Joe Pass, etc. I like modern music a lot too though and have kinda put jazz on the back burner in the past few years.


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    Default Anyone else into jazz

    I'm a huge fan of jazz, I grew up listening to it all the time since that is all my mom listens to. On top of that I play in my school's jazz band (tenor 1 and Bari) I really like a lot of the old Benny Goodman, Maynard Ferguson as well as some of the newer Kenny G, Brian Bromberg type stuff too.
    Love funk and R&B too

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    I enjoy jazz once in awhile, but I really don't have any jazz knowledge. I just throw on a jazz station from time to time. Miles Davis is about the only name I can throw out. I also like gypsy jazz.

    The genres I mostly avoid are country, hip pop, and dub step. Most pop really.

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    It's been along time since I listened too much jazz. One of my favorites was Dave Brubeck who just passed away.

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    I used to have a membership to the magazine, Jazzis. I listen to a number of artists, but I really like groups like The Yellow Jackets. When I was in college, I was invited to sing with a small group and make a recording with the great David Brubeck, and I blew it off. I call it the arrogance of youth, but there was a special someone I was hooking up with in the afternoon when rehearsal would have taken place. Now I greatly regret being so stupid!

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    I went to New Orleans a month ago. It was wonderful. Now any time I hear jazz I want to cry.

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    I deeply love jazz and am a member of two bands, in which I play tenor sax, clarinet and sing. Favourite artists is difficult. I haven't, as of yet, had the opportunity to listen to a whole lot of jazz, but I do have a few favourite sings, such as 'Sing Sing Sing' and Four.

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    I love jazz. My grandpa has a huge shelf of Jazz and big band records. I spend hours every time I go there listening to records.

    I love Barney Kessel, and a lot of other guitarists, as well as some well-known players, like Brubeck or Ellington.

    I also love all the avant-garde jazz produced in the 50s. Great stuff.

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