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Thread: Zombie Apocalypse

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    Default Zombie Apocalypse discuss your answers. I would go with A, C, B/D, D, A/B. Silence is key, so that's why A, C, and B or D. I already have a scope on my sniper, so I wouldn't need binoculars, so the knife set just seems more useful. Finally, I would go A always, but the gas would run out quick, so it's a toss up between A and B.

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    I think I'd go for the following:

    1) a - I'd like to pick them off one by one from a distance but only if it's required. Don't want to attract any unwanted attention.
    2) b - If you get in a close combat with multiple zombies them you'll want something automatic to mow them down fast.
    3) d - Nice one-handed weapon to do lots of damage in close range and 'cause the experts in all these survival shows on Discovery Channel say one of the most important tools in survival situation is a knife/machette.
    4) c - Never know when you might need it. Helpful when climbing in trees or descending out of a window of a building full of zombies chasing you.
    5) d - I don't think zombies can really swim as they move so slow so it'd be a good way to get out of their reach. Plus you could use it to go to a secluded island, kill the few zombies that are out there and live in relative peace.

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    1) d Close range, lots of spread (shorten the barrel a tad or change choke if possible)... no need to "aim"
    2) d Silent, Reusable "Ammo"... you'll love that when you run out of cartridges... . can be used to hunt (food)
    3) d Machete... there's nothing else... good in CQB situations, good to slice those brain eaters
    4) b or d (or better yet both) .. the torch, but well once you run out of batteries you're fucked.... the swiss army knife, it's important
    5) b Motorcycle... easier to maneuver through dense areas, quick, really easy on the fuel... the Humvee would be a better protection and you could sleep in it... but it's a gas guzzling monster and you won't get far.

    Ah, god old zombie apocalypse...

    apart from the suggestions... my personal choice:

    primary weapon? two walther PP, u7.62mm, one .38 or 9mm revolver.. easy to carry... couple of spare mags for the walthers ...
    secondary? crossbow and a load of arrows and a bag full of tips and nocking things.
    Machete or even better Short-Sword... long is crap in tiny spaces
    Additional stuff? Multi-Tool, one high powered torch, and one with a recharge battery and a solar charger
    Two walkie-talkies... you can stay in touch with someone else.
    Car? BMW R850GS Adventure Motorcycle ... small enough to get everywhere, enduro type... serious motor, fuel-economic, large capacity tank, off-road able...

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    Weapon of choice? I would prefer something like a lawn mower from dead rising the video game.

    In all.honestly this is what would be ideal.....

    1. Shelter (preferably a missile silo bunker)

    2. Lots of weapons ( snipers handguns etc)

    3. Food (veggie garden, mre, skinning tool for wild deer)

    4. Communication ( including gps maps walkie talkies cb radio)

    5. Transportation preferably.something off the grid from solar panels or running on something other than gas or electricity)

    6 medical supplies

    7 allies friends

    8. Security cameras booby traps etc

    9. Backup supplies and shelter emergency plan.

    Pretty much all I can think of for the essentials for the zombies

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    Well let's give this a crack.

    1. None. AK47 for it's reliability, accessibility of ammo, and simple design (fixed and used easily).
    2. D. Long range, silent, but I'd have to worry about weight if I was on the move.
    3. D. Let me explain. Metal bats bend after a while, battle ready katanas are near impossible to find, chainsaws... too much wrong with it.
    4. I have them all stored away already.
    5. My feet. Silent, and as long as I'm in shape I'm better off.

    I've read and seen every bit of zombie surviving information I can, and I've taken it a step further to apply logic and planning to what I would do. I could go on for pages about my plans, but I am going to make a few notes for everyone to keep in mind while planning for survival.

    Guns need ammo, blades need sharpening, and everything needs repairing eventually.
    Electrical, water, communications, and every other utility infrastructure will collapse within a month.
    Your body may give up long before your weapon does.
    Cars and motorcycles need gas, the roads will be clogged with abandoned vehicles, they are all loud, and most can't go off-road.
    Guns make loud noises, and also require copious amounts of training to be efficient with one.
    Bad-ass weapons like the katana, flail, mace, and other ancient options are usually meant for display purposes. Finding a battle-ready one is expensive before the apocalypse, and near impossible after.
    Zombies would be as strong as us, but they have an infinite amount of endurance. They can pound at your door for hours literally until their muscles deteriorate.
    Planning to take 5 guns, ammo, and everything else can get very, very heavy.
    Dehydration can kill you in 3 days. Starvation in 3 weeks. If there's no running water or grocery stores you may be in for a short survival time.

    There's a lot more, but that's a few major ones.

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    C, Because a rifle would be useful for taking out crouds, espcially one with a grenade launcher
    B, Because a SMG would be good for close quarters
    B, Because katanas are fast, efficient, and powerful
    D, Because it saves you time looking for things, and gives you the tools needed to make things
    B, Because it would be fast and lethal if you were to tie a katana to it.
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    A) Take them out at a distance, plus the scope is pretty useful in and of itself. You could probably rig up the pocket knife to make a bayonet for it, too.
    D) Silent, plus the bolts are retrievable and you could probably fashion new bolts if need be. In contrast, you really can't make new bullets once you've depleted your supply, so if you have two guns, you'd be dependent on ammo caches to use your ranged weapons.
    A) A katana would be pretty sweet, but I hear with zombies the name of the game is destroying the skull, and I feel like it'd be easier to do that with blunt trauma than trying to hack off the head.
    C or D) Both are extremely useful, though D probably wins out. You can use a pocket knife to make rope out of plant fibers, anyway, even if they're not as good as properly made cording.
    D) Like R1214, I'm betting bodies of water are pretty safe in a zombie apocalypse--or at least until the zombies get a hold of some outboards XD Besides, you can always paddle a boat when the fuel runs out; you can't do much with a car, motorcycle, or tank once the gas tank is empty.

    Most importantly, I'm bringing this guy:

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    1: I would go with an ak47 not on the list and I know it's cheating but no matter what you do to it it will keep on shooting.
    2: D because of reusable amo, it's silent and easy to maintain.
    3:A if the infection is transferred by blood that's least likely to spread it.
    4:C because it's the most versatile.
    5:B it's the most nimble, easiest to maintain and the most fuel efficient.
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    I choose none of those primary weapons. My first pick would be a standard hunting rifle. It may not be as flashy as a military-grade weapon, but ammunition as well as equipment is available in almost all sporting goods stores.

    Melee weapon: I'd go with the machete. It's sharp, heavy, and has a practical purpose (i.e. prickly shrubbery removal)

    Vehicle: the SUV, why not. I'd choose something more fuel-efficient, but the cargo space would be useful.

    My real plan for the zombie apocalypse, however, is to join the winning side. Zombies rule, humans drool.

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    1) C the M16 with the attached M-203 (grenade launcher) the parts are interchangeable with most run of the mill AR-15's and it is reliable and perfect for quick and reliable close up combat and it is accurate up to 500+meters. It already equipped with the 4 power scope so no need for binos, and the ammo is more popular than the AK.
    2) A who cares about silence if you are using a pistol you are being overrun so I would take the stopping power and accuracy of a 1911 any day.
    3) C the machete is a weapon and a tool.
    4) C have rope will travel.
    5) A anybody can drive it and it doubles as a battering ram to get through the horde

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