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    so theres a new Intel Processor with a new socket, the LGA 1366 socket, its to good for FSB it now uses i think its called QP or Quck Path.
    if you're planing on getting this be prepared to buy a new motherboard, specifically the X58 witch for the first time can do Crossfire AND SLI (but not 3 way SLI) it can only do up to quad sli (2 x 9800 GX2's) so basically you can have 2 nvidia cards or like 3 ati cards or some other variations of the board allow 4 way crossfire.
    anyway heres me re information about the X58 Motherboard that supports thw LGA 1336 Proccessor:
    Intel X58 Extreme DX58SO motherboard review
    and the ASUS Model:
    ASUS P6T DeLuxe review - X58 motherboard
    and of course information about the new Core i7 quad cores:
    Intel Core i7 920 and 965 review

    these informative links are in the format of Reviews by the great guys at guru3d.

    i myself wanted to get an Intel Core i7 965 so that it could last me a while.
    and was planning to get the motherboard in the link above(ASUS one) or a Rampage II Extreme for the extra features.
    since there's a new processor and a new socket/motherboard to match it i want to know what your thinking about it.

    i think this is a new step forward fot the gamer/enthusiast market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazza View Post
    i think this is a new step forward fot the gamer/enthusiast market.
    No it's not, at least not intentionally. This CPU was designed primarily for servers and databases. It has vastly improved integer performance, but floating point is pretty much the same as the previous generation. Since games use mainly floating point operations, the improvement is minimal there. However, I imagine some games will benefit from the massively increased memory bandwidth.

    That being said, in the server world Nehelem (i7) is a beast! The question remains though, can it scale like an Opteron in practise?

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    i think it can, i want to het the 965 or 940 for christmas..hehe that would be great cos it would be better than the QX9775 even tho i have a E6850 Dual Core,the thing that would be beter for me is the fact that i would have a new quad core.

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