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Thread: I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

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    Default I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

    So everyone always asks bout Goon Super Big because there's a rumor going around that they are the biggest baby diapers. I managed to get my hands on some about 2 or 3 years ago (for a horrible price of $80 for one pack...err screw international shipping costs lol). Well they aren't all that special to tell you the truth because without stretchy sides , even though they are the biggest, my skinny boyfriend who has about a 30 inch waist still had to not breath to make sure the tapes didn't pop. Anyhow....

    Fastforward 3 years to Dec. 2012. Well I decided to actually try to buy adult diapers from Japan because the way they design them looks about as close as one can get to baby diapers on the market today (besides ABU Cloth Cushies) and boy was I right!!

    A few points to make and then I'll leave the rest for questions as Im ackwardly typing on a cell phone lol

    -First sorry the pic is sideways...cant be helped. Just download it and turn it upright.

    -Second yes shipping still kills. It wad about $114 in shipping and about $80 for two packs so shipping costs more than the items themselves (I also ordered another brand in a size up not pictured)

    -Th brand in the picture is called Nepia Tender and its a size large. Order a size up from what you normally wear cuz Japanee sizes run on the smaller side. It looks small in the pic cuz I put the tapes all the way in like the picture on the front package shows.

    -Most if not all Japanese diapers are cloth like cover. Most are pant style like the US but some have velcro tapes that are meant to over lap in the pic as shown. Making this type the closest envisionment of a baby diaper on the market today by an incotinince company for adults.

    -Also one quick note about ordering: lanuage skills are a plus to make sure you find what you want and you will also have to find some median service to ship to the US like Tenso or White Rabbitt Press because for some reason most online Japanese stores wont ship to the US.

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    they dont look good lol

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    Default Re: I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

    Why dont they look good!?!

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    Default Re: I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

    Why dont they look good!?!

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    Default Re: I bought Japanese Diapers!!!!

    It doesnt absorb the amount of Abena or Bambinos but like maybe the amount of Attends or Depends. It has alot of SAP so it starts out thin but ends up bulky the more you wet it.

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    I like the way these look!

    How are you and your boyfriend finding them? Are they discreet if worn under clothes?

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