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Thread: Possible reason for ABism

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    Default Possible reason for ABism

    If this is in the wrong section, please move it, and I'm sorry for the mistake.

    Now I'm not in denial of my ABism at all, nor am I trying to find out why I'm like this, it just occured to me once that this could have helped the progress of it. Ever since I was little (and I am now too) I have been extremely fearful of death (not the pain that comes with some forms of death, but the fact that I wouldn't be alive anymore). Now I know with religious beliefs that when you die you can go to heaven, but I'm agnostic, and don't really see heaven or any place like that as a possibility (and no I'm not claiming religion is wrong, just saying my personal beliefs). Going from a completely just scientific point of view, when I die, I'm just gone, it's over. I for one, would NEVER want that, I love it here (sure there are times of hardship, but for the most part I love life). And I would do anything in my power to make sure I never grow old and die.

    So, what are everyone elses thoughts on this? I think this could have possibly moved my ABism forward. Being a baby is basically the youngest form of life, quite far from death. I don't know, the theory itself is just in it's initial stages, but I figured I'd put it out there and see what everyone else thinks.

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    I once saw a profile on DiaperSpace that offered an interesting idea. (Site's not working but I'll see about copy/pasting a link or something when it is)

    He posted that many ABs he knew (myself included, incidentally) are adoptees. Brought up by other than their biological parents. In my case, I was brought up by my grandmother as her son and never learned this until I was 18 and she had passed away. However, I have been interested in diapers ever since I was taken out of them at about 2 or so. I've wondered myself if I was, on some subconscious level, aware of my status as adoptee and if my AB-side stemmed from it.

    In short, I think parental issues, known or not, can have an effect on this.

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    My father was adopted, keeps his childhood plushies, and when my parents recently found my diapers he never said a word. Was as jovial as ever (which isn't saying much mind you). I just found it odd for him to do that while my mom was raking me over the coals.

    I don't think for one second he's AB or anything, just maybe there is a tiny bit there that makes him somehow understanding.

    Anyways, I just thought it fit with the adoption idea.

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    I wasn't adopted, but my mom did leave my dad when I was about 6 months old, and since then I haven't had much of a father figure (My mom has been with another guy for about 12 years but it's been shaky between him and I). Perhaps subconsciously I wanted to regress and try to have a perfect childhood, starting at the roots. There are several possibilities for why people get *B/DL tendencies that AREN'T sexual (The emotional desire). There is so much about the human psyche that we don't understand, really the possibilities are endless. All of those are good thoughts and theories though.

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    No family issues until recently, but I was already into this so it's not a factor...

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    If I had to place any reason behind mine it would be my fear of death, I seriously DO NOT want to die, like you wouldn't believe. And I know nobody really WANTS to die, but just the thought of growing old and eventually not being a part of this world tears me up. It just unsettles me that much.

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    I think (as in, have found credible evidence that) my sister adopted from China may be DL. She's only 10 right now so out of a desire to keep her innocent I haven't dropped any hints or anything.

    I'm definitely TB/DL though and not adopted. Personally I've thought for a while that there's a connection between a certain flavor of ADHD and *B/DLism. Basically there's a category of people that have ADHD/ADD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or a combination of the above but are really, really bright thinkers especially in the areas of math and science. I've been told that I fit into this category along with many of the kids in my school. I've noticed that many people on this site - Marty and mm3 are two that I've spoken with in particular - fit under this category as well. I'm very much curious to see if there's a connection in there.

    BTW: my sister has ADHD too.


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    Well the only category I would fit into is possibly the OCD aspect. I've always had a great attention span, and never any troubles like dyslexia or dysgraphia. My OCD is quite mild though, it's just small things most others would overlook.

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    Math and Science are my best subjects...I have a horrible attention span for some things...And I probably won't look you in the eye for long when you're talking to me (I'm still listening though...)...And I think I have very mild OCD...At least for some things...But I honestly think that *Bism is just random...Well I think I need to be a bit more specific...If it's a fetish, then I think it's just random...But if it's not a fetish, and you use it as a way to escape, or something, then there may be some cause...Whether or not they actually are related to some mental thing, who knows...But I prefer to see it as random

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    If it's a fetish, then I think it's just random...But if it's not a fetish, and you use it as a way to escape, or something, then there may be some cause...Whether or not they actually are related to some mental thing, who knows...But I prefer to see it as random
    I think you're right, to a degree. I had strong feelings of shame and self loathing about my *Bism until a few monthes ago, when I pretty much found out why. Now understand I didn't know any reason why I could have been *B before. I found this paperwork from a family psychiatric person that had details of an evaluation on me when I was like 2-3 years old. It details all of these things like my school situation, to illnesses, to how my mother disciplined me. It was something along the lines of Whenever I would complain cry, act out, my mother would tell me to stop acting like a baby, and thats how babies act, ect. If I got "bad" enough, it said my mother would even make me drink from a baby bottle. And according to the paperwork I hated it to no end. It also said my mom would make me sit on my knees in the middle of the floor and not move as punishment, and if I used bad words, she'd tell me how ugly they were and that only ugly people use them. She also forwarded this method to my daycare teachers, other family, and friends who babysat me for her, to tell me to stop acting like a baby when I acted out, and I would stop. Seems like a very simple, cop out method to deal with a child. But I guess it worked.

    That's not even including the harassment and shit from school. Since I had Cerebral Palsy, my balance as a child was bad, so a few kids from daycare would always push me down just to see me fall. And according to the paperwork, I was about 2-3 monthes behind as far as motor skills and stuff were concerned.

    So, upon reading all of it for the first time, I got really angry at my mother. I didn't remember all of these punishments and how she raised me at that point. And I know that stuff wouldn't have been in that report unless she volunteered it and thought it was an ok way to parent. Then i thought, well the Psych didn't put any troubling notes in here about my mother, so I guess those methods were accepting at that point in time. Note that around the time this report was written, it was about 1989, 1990. But as I read them I couldn't help but feel ...somewhat disgusted.

    I do remember the first time wanting to wear a diaper and be babied as about 5/6 years old. But as far as my *Bism, this stuff screams itself out as being the reason. The main part being that the thing I want most is to just, once, relive that period of my life and somehow make things different, so that I won't be traumatized. Then I know that my *Bism would just be gone. But.. that can't happen, ever. So I'm stuck with *Bism for the rest of my life, but I'm ok with that ^^.

    Sorry Pojo, I was trying to make a point and went on about my life story. Sorry, yo.

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