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Thread: How did you choose your plushy/teddy bear

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    Default How did you choose your plushy/teddy bear

    Hey I just want to know how you guys and girls chose your plushy/teddy bear.

    I got mine when I went to NY city for my graduation present from my parents. I walked into the Disney store and saw a Tigger and he just spoke to me "I want to be your best friend". Not literally, but he just spoke to me like that. So I couldn't leave with out him. Now I sleep with him about every night. So how did you choose your plushy/teddy bear?

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    I actually found my old plushies from when I was a little kid
    Plushies make sleep so much better. I honestly cannot say how much more rested I feel now that i'm sleeping with my plushies again

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    Three years ago when I finished physical therapy on my left forearm. my Therapists gave me a Christmas basket that had a little puppy plushie on the top. He was too small to snuggle with so he just looks
    down over the bed. Last spring I found a puppy plushie a lot bigger so I bought him. Now Snuggles goes to sleep with me every night.

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    I found my old Barney plushie that was in my room and have been using it ever since, I sleep with it in my dorm.

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    I still have a small teddy bear I had since I was 2.
    Tho I now have so many its crazy.

    I have a 3 foot bedtime beat plush that lays next to me when I sleep and I snuggle with a
    Stich plush when I sleep, that I got from the Disney store.

    A lot are from BABW as well.

    May sound strange to some, tho it way much easier to sleep with a plushie.
    I also think one is never to old to have one either.

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    Several Christmases ago my wife bought me a plushie dog while we were shopping at Toys R Us. A year later she bought me my big two foot teddy bear. I gave him the same name my original teddy bear had when I was two. They both sit on our bed as well as moose and cow. I'm lucky that my wife is so accepting. I always fall asleep hugging my teddy bear, and the other friends are close by. They protect me from those things which go bump in the night (not me, silly).

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    A few years ago I was reading a comic in which the main character carried around a stuffed panda bear backpack/purse. I thought it was so adorable, and wanted one for myself (except I wanted a polar fox). I couldn't find a polar fox, but did find a wolf, and my mum got me that for my birthday. For the past three years there hasn't been a significant period of time where he wasn't within several hundred feet of me. I think I'd go crazy without him. :/

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    Was easy for me... i wanted Elmo... needed Elmo... and got Elmo. Lol

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    I walked into the gift shop in the zoo, saw a certain little snow leopard staring back at me from a high self, said "awww yeah" and I bought it. I'm glad I did, too. He's really soft.

    I like soft things.

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    I love Digimon, and spent a while looking around for a life-sized Gabumon plush. Finally found one, and I love him soooooooo much. I have trouble sleeping without him these days, tbh.

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