Hello everyone!

I am a plastic pants freak! Well, I'm not really a freak, but I love me some cloth diapers and plastic pants. Tried disposables, and they just don't do it for me.

So recently I tried Suprima S1250 Snap-on plastic pants. These are extraordinarily high quality plastic pants. They're very well made, use top-notch materials, and work, look, and feel great.

My only complaint is with the snaps. After only a few uses, the snaps were popping open at the slightest strain. It got very frustrating very quickly. But alas! I've found a fix!

I read that you could tighten the snaps by using a hammer on the "male" snap. Been there, done that. It didn't work at all. So try this:

1. Take your plastic pants into your workshop and cover one side of your bench vise with a clean rag or towel.
2. Test the "snappiness" of your snap before proceeding so you have a baseline. Use the intended female snap which that particular snap is supposed to fit into.
3. Insert the "male" part of the snap into the vise, with the back of the snap facing the clean rag, and the business end of the snap against the bare vise.
4. Begin tightening the vise SLOWLY. Once tight, remember the position of the vise handle, then reverse the vise and remove your snap.
5. Test your snap again. If there's no improvement, repeat from step #3, but increase the tightness by 1/4 turn of the vise handle. Keep going carefully until you get the desired tightness. Be patient, because if you tighten too much your snap will cease being a snap forever.

Good luck!