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Thread: Thoughts on my fabine diaper purchase

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    Default Thoughts on my fabine diaper purchase

    I got 4 fabine diapers for only 26$ total. I don't think it was a bad deal will be arriving on dec 11th really can't wait. Anyone tried these that can give a opinion on how well they would hold a enemma or anything : stay diapered and have fun

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    Oh man, So jealous. Where did you order them from?

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    Recap: 4 (as in FOUR?!) diapers for 26 (as in TWENTY SIX) quid?
    holy crap, that's like 6.5$ for each diaper... What's it made of? fluffy diamonds? dolphins? or god forbid: unicorns?
    I guess my insurance company would send me a hitman for christmas if I'd chose to do get such diapers.

    Anyhow I've tried them like ONCE and found them to be rather stupid.
    Thick as it gets, VERY PLASTICKY, not really "comfy", sags easily and I feel like a toilet after wearing it for an entire day without having had to change (yuck).

    That was about a year ago when I was last time experimenting to find the best products for my individual Bedwetting/IC needs... and I ordered single samples of just about anything I could get my hands on so I could see if anything was working better than what I've been using... guess what? I stuck with what I were using (Attends Slip Regular M10 for the night & long car trips, Tena Pants Plus or Tena Comfort Plus during the day, or sometimes an Attends M8 during the day, when I know I need a bit more security, can't change more often).... all of them are quite thin (but for the M10, but they're still far more comfy and "wearable" than any of these Abena M4 or those weird Fabine Diapers..) Absorb very well and are discrete enough that so far in most situations no one was any wiser.

    But then again, I think those Fabine-things are for a different market-segment than an average Incontinent / Bedwetting person.

    Just my two cents.

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    That's a lot of money for 4... I can't speak from personal experience but from what I hear Bellisimos are about equal... anyways, feel free to share your experiences, I'm sure they'll help someone out.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on my fabine diaper purchase

    I haven't tried Fabines due to cost reason. I can't compare the two, but I can definitely recommend Bambino Belssimos. They have a wider crotch with wider padding and lots of it. It will make you waddle good dry and wet. They absorb a ton. The thing about these is that they don't wick well and you have to change your position when wetting to make use of the back padding. But I can wet these a few times from the sitting position while driving. They have yet to leak on me. The one time it did leak on me I was on my stomach while using a catheter and the end was pointing up. Gravity took its part as it just flowed out the top of the diaper. IMO the tapes could be a bit bigger in width and length. But definitely fun and way cheaper than fabines. I really don't think that fabines can be better than belssimos but I never tried fabines. Belssimos are definitely thicker and more absorbent than their other products and the print are definitely a more unique more colorful than the others as well.

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    I never tried them cause of there cost, but I love too.
    From what I heard from people who tried them is a huge mixed review.

    From hate to pure love.
    Also the ones who loved them also loved Dry 24/7 and the ones who hated them most hated the Dry 24/7.

    As for Bellissimo's as MeTaLMaNN1983 mentioned. They are wonderful in my opinion.
    Tho from reviews of those who tried fabines and bellissimo, fabines held more but was wider between the legs when wet.

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    Wow I can't imagine justifying that much for a one use diaper. That is close to an hour of work for just one in my case. I spent weeks justifying abenas diapers haha. Good look though and I've heard very good things about them as well.

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    What's everyone's thoughts on 24/7 vs belissimo vs fabine? I have only personally tried 24/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperguy1121 View Post
    What's everyone's thoughts on 24/7 vs belissimo vs fabine? I have only personally tried 24/7
    Belissimo is very thick, but not as thick as either dry 24/7 or fabine. I actually think dry 24/7 is the thickest of all of those, but it is plain white and therefore less fun for for me as an AB not just DL. Fabines are outrageously expensive which makes me less willing to buy them again, however they are very thick and have one of the best prints I have ever seen on a diaper. Overall I prefer fabines to most other entertainment diapers (too thick to be practical in daily life no matter how much they cost), but until they are more affordable than $5-10 each it just isn't worth buying them except for very special occasions. Dry 24/7 is expensive, but you can get reasonably priced cases of them and they make for descent night diapers that will last through the next morning or early afternoon. I don't care for the Belissimo print, so even though they are thicker than other bambino brands, I only buy teddy diapers from them anymore.

    Overall these are all play-time diapers (maybe dry 24/7 has some practical value, but not for daily wear) and therefore they all are worth their costs under certain circumstances but I would never buy them as a normal everyday diaper. They are for special occasions or for play time, but there are much cheaper and still very absorbent and reasonable diapers out there for functional use.

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