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    So, I love playing a forum game called WereGames. I wanted to see if people here would be interested in playing. Since this is not actually the game, I figure the off-topic general board would be the best place for it.

    So here is how it works:

    The host (Narrator) posts a sign up sheet. In this sign up sheet, anyone who is interested in the game posts a character sheet, name, age, species (because we do have furries here), gender, and a short description of the character's personality and quirks.

    When there are enough players (or after a registration cutoff) the narrator writes a short narration that includes the characters that have signed up and clues to find "The Beast" player. Then, everyone who has signed up discuss the narration and vote for who they think is the beast over a couple days, and then after voting is closed, the narrator writes another narration in which the voted player is killed and other events happen, along with more clues to find the beast. This repeats until there is a winning side, Innocents or Beasts.

    There are generally a few different roles to play:

    Innocents: These are normal players. They have no special abilities, they just vote for who is going to be the next to die.

    The Beast: This player's goal is to kill off the innocents and NOT GET CAUGHT. They are the only one who knows that they are the beast other than the narrator. They get one kill per round or one bite per game, taking place of a kill in the round it is selected. A bite creates a baby beast that has no powers unless the first beast is killed by vote.

    The Seer: This player gets one opportunity per round to ask the true role of a single player. The Beast will want to find this player and kill them as soon as possible, because if the Seer finds the identity of the beast they can try to sway other's votes to kill the beast. The Seer will have to be careful doing this, however, because figuring out one beast does not reveal the other, so if they make a fuss about knowing who one beast is, they will almost certainly be killed and then the other beast will be safe from being revealed.

    These games are really fun, I play them a lot on other forums and they have always been very interesting. So, leave me some feedback, if you think that this would be fun, tell me, and if you think this would be stupid, tell me. If you need more information to make a decision, ask me any question you have and I will try my best to explain it. If there is enough support for a game, I will post a signup and run the first couple games so people learn how things go and then I will pass the torch on to someone else to run a game.

    Look forward to hearing your input.

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    so essentially cops and robbers I think it's called? We played this at my freshmen orientation for college... had a blast haha, so I'm in

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    Quote Originally Posted by WittleHirvi View Post
    so essentially cops and robbers I think it's called? We played this at my freshmen orientation for college... had a blast haha, so I'm in
    Pretty much. I actually based it on a game called Werewolf in Tabula that I used to play in high school. :3 And yeah, it is a blast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
    I'd be totally game for playing.
    Your avatar gets so much <3 it might get smothered. Just had to say that, since I can't PM yet. XD

    Also, WOOHOO! If I could get... 10 people interested, I will post a signup.

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    I am interested. This does sound fun but I know you are new here but I think this belongs in the Forum Fun section of the Off-Topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naleas View Post
    I am interested. This does sound fun but I know you are new here but I think this belongs in the Forum Fun section of the Off-Topic.
    Well, I went with the logic that, because this is not a game, it is talking about things that I do in other forums and asking people if they would be interested, that it should go in general off topic rather than the games board. If it is in the wrong place I welcome the mods to move it, but I did think carefully in where to put this thread. i logic-eded the snot out of it. I am a very veteran forum crawler, so forum rules and board structure are not new to me, and most boards just want the actual game threads in the game sections, and discussions of the games in off topic, but every board is different, so I won't assume that I am right, I will just state my reasoning and hope I don't get a 'pankin.

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    The premise of this reminds me of a board game called 'Bang!'

    There were the sheriff, the renegade, and the killers. Sheriff had to kill the killers, killers had to just kill the sheriff, and the renegade had to kill the killer and then the sheriff. It was fun and this idea sounds fun too. I'd like to join.

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    count me in

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