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Thread: mamy poko diapers

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    edit: warning, there is a really loud video on this page. turn your sound off D:

    They seem to be rather LARGER baby diapers. I know the general opinion of baby diapers on this forum is to leave baby diapers be, but I fit in them and wear them often. These are baby diapers from Singapore. They fit 15-26kg, up to 130cm tall. Which is pretty damn big for a baby diaper in my opinion. I have never heard about them until my friend Drew pointed them out.
    Anybody ever heard of them, worn them, know where to get them etc? I'm so very curious!
    (P.S. I think they are approx. the size of what a size 8 or 9 in pampers would be.. just for anybody who is confused on the size..)
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    Hypnotized, I've never heard of that brand before though they sound interesting to try. I did have a question for you. Is that you in your avatar and, if so, what brand of diaper did you have on? Looks like it has lots of padding in it.


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    That is me, yes. :]
    I am wearing an Abena abri x-plus, size medium. If you click on the diaperspace profile in my signature, there are more pics of me there.

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    yup there is this brand in singapore.( I live there )haha. well i never got them before but these diapers are sold every where here!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    25 Kg and 130 cm is 8 years old on average.
    So, if some average sized people can fit into diapers meant for a 3 year old it seems pretty reasonable to assume that those same people could fit pretty nicely into one meant for an 8 year old.

    I really want some!

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    They look great! I hope I can get some in the future.

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    Interesting, great find! I would really be interested in these.

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    What a loud video they have on there, with no way to stop it >.>

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