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    What would be the best Adult onesie to get the one that snaps between the legs or on the shoulder also where is the best place to get one?

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    Go to Amazon and type it in. I've gone with Baby-Pants and their onesies are quite comfy.

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    I've got onesies from both as well as Fetware. com and like all of them.

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    The Abena Bodystockings are plain white (more like underwear than fancy babyish outer-wear), but they're really comfy...

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    If your going to get one get one with the snaps between the legs, the shoulder ones will stand out if you plan one wearing your onesie outside of home, they there mostly AB time.

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    You can't get the Abena bodystockings in the U.S. anymore, but I purchased one of the 4care bodystockings/onesies from XP Medical and am quite pleased with it. Very high quality.

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    This is my next purchase! From my research, I think I'm going with this: Anyone have any experience with this product?

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    I'm not impressed with this site. I've never heard of them. They don't give alot of information about themselves. Where are they located? Not a whole lot of sizing info either.

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    I purchased the short jump suit form them, quality is good,
    It did take a long time to get it as they were out of stock when I ordered. I think it was at least 3 months, but they did fill the order and did not charge my card until they shipped it.

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    I have a 4Care, and it totally blissed me out. IMO, a great starter onsie, good price, high quality, and comfy once you figure out how to snap it up (the snaps are a little far back for my wrists to handle sometimes). I'm hoping for a kins for Xmas!

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