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    Hey all was just wondering if there were any other D an D players kicking around Adisc.

    I'd like this topic to discuss your campaigns/characters and all things D an D related

    Anyways. Some friends and I started a new campaign last week, we began at 4th level and our now at 6th level. I'm playing a Drow Ranger while my friends are playing a Half Dragon Spellscale, and a Human Artificer. We're having a lot of fun, except for last night when our DM decided to throw a bit of a challenge at us, his challenge was 6 cultists who were attempting to summon their god.

    Normally that wouldn't have been such a problem but these Enemies were 8th level Wizards >.>. Everyone but our Cleric ended up bleeding out in the negative HP it was pretty funny. We lived but just barely.

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    Tabletop player, yes. D&D specifically, no. I can't say I'm a big fan of the system. 4.0 was a little too MMOish for me, and I didn't like that I had to keep track of a litany of abilities and when I could use them. I understood mechanically, but did not like the idea of the at-will/encounter/daily abilities, either. I mean, the idea of the daily ability was that it was some crazy stunt with style and flourish, which is cool, but a real adventurer would never be thinking, "Gee, I should do that cool move on this orc sargeant, but I might need it this afternoon if we find [the named villain]." 3.x suffered from character balance issues and the ease of munchkinism.

    Savage Worlds, on the other hand, is a great system, and one can do a lot of stuff with that system. Fantasy, sci-fi, weird west, the whole spectrum is possible. It's a fast rules-light system, and it is a lot of fun for running games.

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    I used to play, but I haven't been able to find a new group since the last one I was in split up. Would love to get back into it again. The closest I get to table top these days is running a GURPS game via IRC for a few friends.

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    I have a group of friends that get together every other Saturday and play D&D.

    I myself am an elven femme fatale rogue with lots of charisma (for laughs and diversity), and stealthy moves. We have two humans, one a wizard and the other a cleric, as well as a dwarven warrior.

    We're using 4.0, but it's honestly kind of terrible. Granted, we still have fun but I feel restricted sometimes with the system. :c I expected more out of it. We also started out with the little starter kit that basically dumbs-down stuff for you so our stats are screwy. :/ Hopefully we'll be able to fix these problems and start a more interesting campaign that's made by us from scratch since we just finished a dungeon that came with the starter kit and are mucking about now with no purpose.

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    My group primarily plays a mix of 3.5 and pathfinder. Mainly because Path doesnt have all of their books out yet. Cant stand 4ed. I tried. I honestly did. Just, NO.

    As far as characters go, I could go on all day about the exploits of the Half-orc barbarian by the name of Kargath the Hymen breaker and his friends. XDDD That title he earned both in and out of campaign. LOL

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