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Thread: No More Huggies Nappies !! From 2013 (UK & Ireland)

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    Default No More Huggies Nappies !! From 2013 (UK & Ireland)

    Unfortunately From spring 2013, Huggies® nappies will no longer be available in the UK and Ireland. However, you'll still be able to buy Huggies®nappies at local shops and supermarkets over the next couple of months but we WILL still be selling our other great brands :

    Little Swimmers® swim nappies,
    Pull-Ups®Potty Training pants and
    DryNites® pyjama pants and
    Bedwetting mats.

    More Information Here :
    BBC News - Huggies nappies abandoned in Europe by Kimberly-Clark

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    Default No More Huggies Nappies !! From 2013 (UK & Ireland)

    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    I can't imagine why KCK would do that.
    Huggies rock
    The margin is probably too small to warrant continuing to sell them.

    Don't forget, the point of business is to make money, and as much as possible; if something isn't profitable enough, it has to go.

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    plenty or market for pampers to exspand and over brands to grow.

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    "The company has decided to concentrate on non-fastening nappies such as pull-ups..." This may be the start of the end for tape type diapers (open design diapers).

    I was kinda hoping that they would start to make drynites or goodnites in tape closure i know they would never do that. oh well.

    im not sure why US diaper companies are so opposed to tape type diapers in larger sizes for bedwetting children. in the 1980's and 1990's bedwetters wore baby diapers...why cant they do that now? whats the problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happiesxxl View Post
    im not sure why US diaper companies are so opposed to tape type diapers in larger sizes for bedwetting children. in the 1980's and 1990's bedwetters wore baby diapers...why cant they do that now? whats the problem?
    Mothers now days just want things done fast and want there kids out of diapers. Pullup styles are quick and can help train better.

    There may also be the case that not having to add tapes to the diaper might make it cheaper for the companies to make each diaper.

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    Real shame to hear. I don't think tape-ups will be completely eradicated since there are use cases for them in the medical sector and very likely other areas too. The nappy factories (and paper/pulp mills) will probably change ownership rather than become redundant. Interesting, could start getting some of weirder brands like Libero soon.

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    lidle already sell libero but guess cos its a foreign company... shame theyre not doing tapes anymore but maybe at least they may make pull ups big enough like drynites but more baby like...... just wish the adult nappy brands would make nappies with the filling drynites and baby nappies have... that swell up not cotton wool that is crap.... lets see what the future holds.... lets hope they have some good ideas...

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    This is a reflection of a problem with a particular business, not a sign that tape-on baby diapers are going away. As a parent to two former toddlers, I feel pretty certain about that! In most cases, and especially when dealing with messes, it's really far easier to just immobilize the subject with one hand and clean/re-diaper with the other. Yes, I'm a larger male with steel traps for hands, but my much-smaller wife had no trouble with that either. I really see the "slip-on diapers" as being a solution to a very specific problem, and one that arises fairly infrequently. If you're at home and near your child's diapering supplies, and especially if you're having to deal with messes, then regular ol' tape-on diapers will be a bazillion times easier on you.

    We used Pull-Ups during training, and only because they enabled some measure of self-help. In almost all other ways, they were worse that diapers--more expensive, less absorbent, narrower and lower-riding (less able to deal with messes), etc. And the "slip-on diapers" being sold now are no different in terms of construction. My guess is that KC is hoping you'll buy and use both kinds, but I don't think I'd have been able to do that--totally not worth it.

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