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Thread: Would you prefer to be married to an AB/DL as opposed to a non-AB/DL??

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    Default Would you prefer to be married to an AB/DL as opposed to a non-AB/DL??

    Just curious, I know I would.

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    Yeah, probly.

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    I'd have to say yes because then I don't have to hide it...But it'd have to be a dude.

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    Oh yes!!! I would love it if my wife was into this as well, even if it was only as a parent figure, which is what I wanted from the beginning anyway. It's been tough ever since I had told her about my desire to wear diapers about 8 years ago, however, since my back surgery 5 1/2 years ago has cause me to become incontinent, it's really a moot point as far as I'm concerned, but she still get's upset at me for visiting diaper sites and talking to other diaper wearers online or on the phone.

    If she was into this, my life would be so much easier, by far!

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    Well obviously if we had to choose between an AB and a non-AB, we'd probably ALL choose an AB. It's a great way to bond with each other, sexually and non. For some it would be the emotional bond when you ageplay and everything. And it can also be a sexual bond since for most of us it's a sexual fetish also. I have to say there wouldn't be anything bad in my opinion about having an AB spouse. I mean there isn't much of a backdraw at all, it's either your spouse, or your spouse where you both share the same sexual/emotional fantasies...

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    I voted that I would, though only did so half-heartedly. My main reservation is that, being in it together, we'd allow it to somehow get out of hand which is certainly a possibility if not careful. This would be especially bad if we lost control after having children in the house. Being secretly alone in it has helped keep my desires in check.


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    I would it would be easyer and alot more fun, thank heavens my boyfriend is a tb.

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    Good point, didn't think of it like that. I suppose if you both know you can control your urges and do it only when neccessary and not to make it a lifestyle, then it would be perfect. I think both of you wouldn't want it to get out of hand and would watch yourselves, at least I would.

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    I would have to say that I would prefer to be married to one. I wouldn't have to hide it from them, and I could be myself in my own home with no restrictions.

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    Good question!

    I am not really concerned whether or not my future spouse has any specific kinks just as long as she is accepting of me and my quirks. If she accepts me wearing to bed and occasionally holding my keys for me, I would be very happy. Beyond that, it does not really matter. Either way, I will have to spend time doing what she enjoys.

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