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Thread: Oh noes it's Tigger :O

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    I never really introduced myself properly, even in the old site (tho I wasn't a member for long, only a month or so) so here goes:

    I am 19, gay, DL and getting more in touch with my AB side. I have mixed feelings about it really, some days I think it's sick, some days I think it's great, and sometimes I feel both at the same time :S. I live in Australia in a small rural town, in the middle of the desert (it's so hot here right now ). It really sucks here, but I don't hate it too much.

    I'm currently doing a Certificate IV (1 cert below a diploma) In information technology, focusing on web design. I have also done another cert IV in IT, but for a client support certificate (qualifies me to work at a help desk, give support to idiot users, do computer repairs etc..). So as you can guess, I am into computers, though I haven't bothered keeping up with technology over the last year so I really know stuff all now . More recently (like in the last 12 months or so) I've been into programming (manly web applications), although I haven't done any coding for a while.

    Lets see, what else... Um, I'm fairly easy to get along with usually, it takes alot to turn me against you, I try to see the best in everyone and I forgive easily (probably one of my biggest faults). I am very shy, and I find it hard to make friends, and I isolate myself. I am usually in IRC, I whine and complain alot, but when I'm in a silly mood I can be good fun (or annoying?).

    So yeah, that's me, there is alot more but I doubt anyone wants to know and I'm too lazy to type. If you wanna know more about me then just ask .

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    Hmm, tell me more about your mother.

    *scribbles furiously in a leather bound notebook for a government funded study on people with a double grr in their forum nick*

    Nah, you're doing fine. Welcome back. Just take it easy on the libations.

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    Yay *bounces around* The forum Tigger is back! *bounces over to Tigger to hug him*


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    Welcome back.

    I get periods of times with comptuers where, you stop doing one thing and move to the next. Only to later on in time go back to what you did and find your a little rusty at it. for example PHP or CGI. Depending of what you program with. Keep up the good work! I hopefully off to goto Uni to play with the hardware and software fo computers too. But avoid the idiots of the general public on the way!

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    Welcome back Tigger

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